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  1. Robert Munes

    It’s unfortunate when bad things, like those mentioned in the article, happen at Disney theme parks. Upon getting my Magic Key pass and each time I visit, I don’t really set any expectations in how nicely things will go. I stay aware that it’s a walking experience and there are thousands of people, who all vary in behavior.

    So when I have to exit a line because of bad behavior nearby, it can be a bummer, but not too much so. Things like constant profanity and narcissistic ranting from people nearby. People who physically rock and teeter side to side and can’t stay still, constantly cutting into people’s personal space. Things like that. I know ahead of time that things like that happen. Theme park visits are that kind of experience.

    Fortunately I’ve had completely wonderful visits to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Visits that did turn out completely like all day therapy. Like getting no red lights during a drive, all smooth sailing.

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