Disney Cast Members Aren’t The Only Ones Doing Random Acts of Kindness at the Parks

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family hugging in front of disney world castle holding a pink mickey balloon

Credit: Disney Parks

If you’re a hardcore Disney fan or have spent your life visiting one of the parks, you may be familiar with the term “Pixie Dusting.”

Pixie dusting doesn’t just refer to the little sheen of glitter you can have put on your hair at the in the Magic Kingdom. It is also frequently used to refer to the random acts of kindness that Disney Parks give their cast members free reign to bestow upon guests.

Two little girls walk toward the disney castle, being photographed by a woman in mickey ears. All carry balloons.
Credit: WDW News

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Disney Parks fans spaces are full of sweet stories about Pixie Dusting, like this one that former Magic Kingdom employee shared with us:

This was back in 2019, and I worked park entry at Magic Kingdom. I had a physical paper Fast Pass that could be used for 5-6 people for Mickey’s Runaway Mine Train. I held onto it for a week.

On Christmas Day, I had a family of five come to my entrance. We were chatting while I was helping them with their tickets, and the mom was telling me how this was their first trip – probably their only trip – and they really wanted to ride Mine Train, but couldn’t get Fast Passes. She said they were gonna try to just make it over there, and hopefully wait in line.

They were all so freakin’ sweet…so I pulled out that Fast Pass and handed it to her, she read it and just started crying, hugged me and thanked me so many times.

THAT is why I love working at Disney. Making moments like that.

Apparently, that feeling is quite contagious, especially in Disney World; because as it’s become common knowledge that cast members will occasionally do this for random guests, it seems that the guests themselves have decided that they want in on the Pixie Dusting action.

family hugging in front of disney world castle holding a pink mickey balloon
Credit: Disney Parks

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That’s right: Disney lovers were so taken with the idea of doing random acts of kindness at Disneyland and Disney World, that they’ve started doing it for one another. Some guests have hearts so big that they go out of their way to pack extra items on their trip to give away to others.

For example, Kimberly GJ said:

I am bringing all of my daughter’s Disney stuffed animals that she bought in the past but never used and giving them to kids.

Carol Dall even did some crafting to show her appreciation for the staff who make every trip so magical:

I have been putting together packets of Pixie Dust for all ten of us to hand out to cast members hotel staff and guests. So far there are 415 packets – each has a kindness card and something Disney related, like slap bracelets, and trading pins. I also painted Mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell, and Goofy heads and turned them into key rings.

I have enjoyed making the items and can’t wait for our family to sprinkle kindness at Disney.

Even sweeter, however, are the families spreading kindness to honor lost loved ones who couldn’t join them on the trip. Melanie Jett Otwell and her family made a group activity of handing out packets to honor the life of their 16-year-old son Elijah.

mickey mouse toys with an attached note with a picture of winnie the pooh that says in honor of elijah forever 16
Credit: Melanie Otwell, Facebook

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When we went, we Pixie Dusted cast members in memory of my 16-year-old son who passed away in 2019. We looked for cast members each day that were extra kind, and sometimes for parents with young kids who were having a meltdown moment.

I had cards with my son’s picture, and Winnie the Pooh scenes on the back. We taped Starbucks gift cards to them. We also left items at the front desk for when people come in late with young kids and they can give them the treat!

It was a lovely way to remember my son and show kindness on our trip. My nephew was always looking for who would get pixie dusted that day!

Samantha Bourgeois had a similar idea, and plans to give away stuffed animals in honor of her baby girl.

We have a trip planned for next May and plan to bring some stuffed animals to “hide” in the parks with notes attached to them to pixie dust other families! We are doing this to honor our angel baby so she isn’t left out of the family trip.

Disney Parks lovers are always finding new and wonderful ways to honor the spirit of kindness that the Parks work so hard to curate, and it is a truly touching thing to see.

What do you think of Disney Parks guests Pixie Dusting each other? Is it something you’d like to try for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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