Another Fight Breaks Out in Disney World, This Time With the Residents

in Walt Disney World

Two Walt Disney World animals, gorillas, fight behind glass.

Credit: @chach3162

Disney’s Animal Kingdom might not be a zoo, but it’s home to most captive Walt Disney World animals.

Magic Kingdom Park has a few horses, and EPCOT has The Seas With Nemo & Friends, but neither compares to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Dozens of animals call the newest Central Florida Disney Park home. Habitats are located throughout Asia, Discovery Island, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and Africa! For the best viewing opportunities, Guests should ride Kilimanjaro Safaris or take on Gorilla Falls Expedition Trail or Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Animals can be unpredictable, but Guests noticed concerning behavior during a recent walk on the Gorilla Falls trail. Multiple visitors recorded a fight between two adult gorillas, one of whom had a baby on its ankle. From @chach3162:

@chach3162 Gorilla Fight at Animal Kingdom in Disney World 🐸 #gorilla #fight ♬ original sound – chach

The altercation began when the smaller gorilla threw dirt at the larger one, who appeared to be the baby’s mother. The instigator initially retreated but got too close.

The mother gorilla swung at the younger ape, which tried pounding on its chest to show dominance before throwing more dirt. At this point, another ape joined the fight to defend the mother. The two pinched, grabbed, and screamed at each other, tossing around the enclosure for a minute before the recording ended.

Gino the Gorilla sitting at Animal kingdom.
Credit: Disney

Though scary, roughhousing is typical in the wild and captivity. It’s part of the societal structure for gorillas and is regularly monitored by Disney’s Animal Kingdom zookeepers. Ask an exploration trail Cast Member for more information about animal behavior!

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