Disney Florida Fans Double Down With Extreme DeSantis Reactions

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Mickey Mouse and Ron DeSantis in front of Cinderella Castle, representing the Disney DeSantis legal battle.

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A Disney DeSantis bombshell dropped, and chaos ensued, with plenty of voices coming out of the woodwork. One person went as far as saying that it’s, “Not a feud between Disney and the Gov. Conflict is between groomers and parents.”

Children watching It's Tough to Be a Bug who got caught up in the DeSantis Disney debacle
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Disney DeSantis Bombshell Controversy

Whether you trace it back to the “woke” movement, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (now law), or an overall cultural shift, the Disney DeSantis controversy is notorious. Or course, there are real-world wars going on, but the Homefront battle for the hearts and minds of the population can sway the masses.

The controversy itself surrounded Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis‘ debacle and its associated press surrounds everything from the Reedy Creek Board to Florida lawmakers enforcing gender identity and other outdated notions that tie to the “woke” concept.

But, when a judge was given the opportunity to throw the case out of court, per Florida law, the public forums took over. This time, it wasn’t at a theme park, but citizens of the United States definitely spoke their minds on Disney World, Central Florida, and Reedy Creek.

Reedy Creek on the left and Governor Ron DeSantis on the right
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Florida Outrage Over Disney DeSantis Bombshell

The extreme reactions sent shrapnel flying as the dichotomy that is Disney and DeSantis came to a head. And where better to exercise First Amendment rights than using the feature that literally lets you share comments? These comments break into a few different camps. The originals remain, but these are adjusted for brevity and grammar:


There were a fair few who came out in favor of the Republican Gov Ron DeSantis and the Florida Law that directly impacts Disney’s self-governing status in the Reedy Creek area, along with the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

  • “That expression was tacked on this bill that protects young children by a special interest group. Don’t like Florida? Try LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit…..”-Susan
  • “Totally agree with you. If you don’t want a representative who has the guts to stand up for a child who is completely innocent, GET TF OUT!”
Ron DeSantis speaks in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Fear, from Pixar's 'Inside Out,' looks on anxiously as the Disney DeSantis battle goes on
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Pro Disney

On the Disney Theme Park side of the scope are those who approve of the special district status, and also took to public forums with some severe commentary. Many saw humor and irony in the ongoing debacle. Disney characters usually find the light in the dark, and so do the masses who have the invaluable right to express their opinions:

  • Attacking and punishing Disney for expressing their opposition to pending legislation is an inexcusable and shameful abuse of power.” – Jim
  • “There is no law prohibiting the use of the word “gay”. I use it all the time anyway I want.” – Jay
  • “DeSantis is only out for himself. He’s not really concerned about your kids, he’s just using them for a step up to the presidency (…)” – Old Enough to Know Better
UPDATE: Desantis Wants His Feud With Disney to Last Through Presidential Elections as the DeSantis Disney debate sparks arguments
Credit: Inside The Magic

Others Argued About the Heart of the DeSantis Disney Issues

From arguing over special district rights to United States liberties, and restrictive covenants to the Reedy Creek District, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and begin to focus on emotions. Referring to the coverage of the topic, many users expressed serious emotion.

  • “Not a feud between Disney and the Gov. Conflict is between groomers and parents.”- Jack
  • “DeSantis has one agenda. Hate for those who can’t defend themselves. His war with Disney shows exactly the type of megalomaniac he has become.” – Larry
  • “Reedy Creek needs to be eliminated and Disney should be just like the rest of us. Florida will survive.” – Tom McMahon

So long as the freedom of speech stands, it’s an open forum for DeSantis and Disney declare their intentions. These individuals were brave enough to make their opinions heard. The First Amendment is only as valuable as those willing to use it.

What do you think about the DeSantis Disney debate? Ready to jump into the conversation? Make your mark down below!

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