DeSantis Bombshell May End Disney Lawsuit for Good

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It’s no secret that the DeSantis feud with Disney lies at the heart of the so-called “woke wars” and the ongoing lawsuits between the pair. But this dramatic battle is dragging, leaving a judge in the tricky position of considering just throwing out the case altogether.

Experts think DeSantis is Right about Disney despite the ongoing DeSantis Feud With Disney
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DeSantis Feud With Disney Gets Out of Hand

The conflict between DeSantis and Disney came from the company’s opposition to a 2022 Republican move known as the “Don’t Say Gay” then-bill, now-law that placed restrictions on the LGBTQ+ community, with a particular focus on children. DeSantis went so far as to say that “Disney sexualizes children,” which is quite the statement.

Then, the Florida Legislature, with DeSantis in tow, proposed the dissolution of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Guess who had control of the property? You’ve got it: Disney. The end result? Establishing DeSantis as a board member for Disney’s successor, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

So with all these issues, why is Disney winning thanks to DeSantis while a judge considers tossing the case?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trying to stop Guests from visiting Walt Disney World Resort as DeSantis Feud With Disney causes judge to consider tossing the case
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Judge Considers “Tossing” Case Because of DeSantis-Disney Feud

There’s a legalese term: “frivolous and vexatious.” Basically, it’s when the issue isn’t worth the fight, and it’s wasting time and taxpayer dollars. Now, a judge is weighing in on this serious topic. The result doesn’t look too promising for DeSantis and his pseudo-promotional “woke war” with Disney.

The ongoing DeSantis feud with Disney costs time and money. Disney claims that DeSantis retaliated against Disney’s political stance. On the other side of the coin, lawyers for the oversight board believe Disney is merely aiming to preserve its special status in the district.

DeSantis in front of Disney logo in the notorious DeSantis Feud With Disney
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Have the Florida “Woke Wars” Gone Too Far?

Walt Disney, the company, issued a request to dismiss the lawsuit over Reedy Creek. Judge Margaret Schreiber gets the privilege of determining the next step in the DeSantis feud with Disney.

One of the significant issues for Floridians is the implication to taxpayers. Whether the case gets tossed out of court is yet to be seen, but it will have serious consequences for Disney and DeSantis.

What do you think about the judge potentially throwing out the case? Team Disney or Team DeSantis? Hit us up in the comments below!

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