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  1. None of Lynn

    I am tired of Disney shoving stuff in our faces…. All my happy memories are tainted…. All the memorabilia is no longer run to look at…. I can not be the only one who feels this way…. Old school, meets Woke…

  2. CopperMel

    Most ironic is that he was married at Disney World…I am team Disney all the way. He is going against a private business because they expressed their opinion and beliefs. Last time I checked, Florida was part of the United States and freedom of speech was allowed.

  3. Carol L Wiese

    Team Disney. DeSantis has interfered in private businesses too much. He has no right to do away with DEI training, ban books or police our entertainment.

  4. LorettaAnn

    Throw it out. I’m tired of my tax money being used for political gain.

  5. LorettaAnn

    Throw it out. I’m tired of my tax money being used for political gain. And I am not his pawn!

  6. Ray

    She’s a Disney sycophant.

  7. Jarvis

    Um, Disney has always employed a group of coastal activist lawyers to protect their billions. In no way are they an innocent family company. Grow up.

    Epcot was never built therefore no reedy Creek should have been allowed.

    This story is so wrong. Disney is a snake of a company that is losing a billion on woke movies families don’t want to see. Ha ha.

  8. Anita

    I love DeSantis and I am thankful for what he has done! #DESANTISFORPRESIDENT

    1. Bill

      His campaign will implode by the end of 2023, he will then make Florida suffer for his loss for the rest of his term, then he will fade into obscurity. The second half of the 2020’s will be a renaissance for Florida and Disney. See ya real soon!

      1. Leslie

        Well said!

  9. Heyward

    DeSantis is a pompous, arrogant wannabe dictator who bullies everyone to get what he wants. He has done more harm to Floridia than both he and his constituents will acknowledge. He’s truly not qualified to pick up Dog Poop much less run of Florida or the Country. DeSantis will be an even worst President than Trump and the World safety would be in jeopardy should he be elected President.

  10. Leslie

    Ron Dasantis needs to be thrown out. He’s an embarrassment to Florida and himself. What a self absorbed, insensitive ass he has become in last 2 years. Good for Disney standing up to what’s right for others. We all are equal no matter our sexual preferences. Someone really damaged him as a child. And now, he’s bulling everyone that threatens him. No boundaries, no shame, no heart.

  11. Retta

    Definitely team Disney. DeSantis is totally off his rocker in most things he is doing. If I could I would move out of the state of Florida!

  12. Christine

    1: DeSantis will never make it as president because no one how in the LGBTQ will vote for him.
    2: No corporations would want him as president either because if they ever got on his bad side he would take their company away from them.
    3: All our children will no nothing about history as he will take all history books out of the schools and replace them with the new ones to his liking minus slavery and Ella Parks ect..
    4: As far as taking out books from the library that parents don’t want their children to read. I don’t know why they don’t put in a system like they did in video stores where the adult videos were in a different room. If they put these books in a separate room that’s looked and had a Liberian and a older child had permission from their parents and their card scanned them into the room then they could get books from that room.
    5: we need to get DeSantis out of office as governor and make sure he doesn’t win as president. He just has way too many issues.

  13. Lisa Richardson

    Total waste of time! This is just an attention getting stunt by DeSantis! Disney has brought millions of money spending visitors to Florida and billions of dollars! The judge should rule in favor of Disney and throw the silly case out!

  14. RoseMarie Luevano Alicia Luevano

    Team Disney

  15. Byron

    DeSantis is 100% in the wrong.
    1st Amendment people. Ever here of it. Disney owning reedy creek is fine. Name a state law that they have broken? None.
    DeSantis by starting this court drama has violated the 1 st Amendment. Beside the fact even tho Disney spoke out against the new law it still passed, so what can DeSantis gain here besides looking like a dictator. We do not need a person like that as president.

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