‘The Flash’ Opening Numbers Could Point to the Movie Being a Giant Flop

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Though the DCU is set to kick off, we imagine that James Gunn has no plans to include The Flash in the pantheon of rebooted films and newly shown heroes. The projected numbers for the weekend of the last remaining DCEU film have now been revealed, and it could be heading into flop territory.

Ezra Miller suited up as 'The Flash' in the new 'The Flash' DC movie
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No one has believed that The Flash would be the savior of DC; in fact, that might be why it could also rebound and head into blockbuster numbers. Still, what is troublesome about these opening numbers is that they land on a holiday weekend. Most of the time, when a movie debuts on a holiday weekend, it generally makes far more money.

The holiday Monday is Juneteenth, which every single company may not observe, as it’s the newest federal holiday—but most people should still have the day off. That would be the perfect time to hit the theaters, especially hoping they wouldn’t be overly packed. Father’s Day is also on Sunday. Granted, most families likely barbeque at home or engage in other activities, but we imagine that most people want to take their fathers to see the next exciting movie.

The Flash has a whopping 4-day weekend to bring in the numbers, though landing $72 million only could mean it might not make the money that Warner Bros. is hoping for.

‘The Flash’ Might Fizzle Out

Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash trailer
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To put the $72 million opening in perspective, Box Office Mojo has a compiled list of openings from the top 200 films. If The Flash does land $72 million, it will be given a spot between #130 and #135. In #135 is Marvel’s Eternals (2021), which made $71.3 million. We all know how that movie turned out.

We know The Flash is not Eternals, and making that comparison is unfair. However, it could be the drama with Ezra Miller is still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and no manner of promotions will make this film the blockbuster that Warner Bros. wants.

James Gunn also stated that he was in a “wait and see” type of mood when it came to Miller and the success of the Scarlet Speedster. Despite his saying, “It’s one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,” Miller still has a black cloud surrounding their past.

Warner Bros. has been doing all it can to promote The Flash, but making it more about Michael Keaton returning as Batman and Sasha Calle’s DC debut as Supergirl, which is brilliant.

Even Ezra Miller stated they would forgo all interviews and press for the movie so that the movie could be focused on and not their torrid past. But is that enough?

We will say that The Flash is on the same type of trajectory that Venom was on when it debuted. It was lambasted by critics, but loved by audiences, leading to a franchise of its own. We are not saying that anyone loves Miller as much as Tom Hardy, but the newest DC movie could surprise everyone when all is said and done.

Director Andy Muschietti is now also staying under the DC banner, as he is confirmed to be handling directorial duties for The Brave and the Bold, the new DCU Batman film. However, with him moving on so quickly, does this mean he already knows The Flash will not be continuing?

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen/Flash
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DC can make us all believers in The Flash, but with Miller’s past, we won’t be backing the actor returning in the role. Even if the movie makes over $500 million, we don’t see people backing the actor up past this one.

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