OpEd: Protests and Backlash Halt Disney Park Development

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Disney Cast Members in front of LOVE Pride wall at Disney World.

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The newsfeeds have been flooded with unsettling reports out of Florida in the past few weeks. Along with Governor DeSantis and his ongoing war against Disney, white supremacists and even members of the Nazi party have been seen protesting outside of Disney Park gates. While this is obviously a tumultuous time for Florida tourists, particularly members of the LGBTQ+  community, it’s also having a disastrous effect on the place where dreams come true.

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Pride Month is a hot-button topic on social media, and the Disney Parks have made no secret about their special, rainbow-decked events. However, Disney World has experienced some severe decline in quality compared to its Californian cousin, and the ongoing siege against the Magic Kingdom is almost entirely responsible.

Disney Park Progress Paused For Pride


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Disneyland’s Pride Nite is one of the latest celebrations to come out of the Disney Parks, and the studio truly pulled out all the stops in terms of decor, merch, and especially the Character Meet and Greets. While Walt Disney World has its own perks for Pride, the Florida Park gets significantly less pomp and circumstance for many of its special events.

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The pride events are irrelevant , as the real issue continues to be the blatantly sub-par treatment Disney World gets compared to Disneyland. While the latter might be Walt’s original Park, its Floridian counterpart has been living on its table scraps for the past few years, and the discord with Governor Ron DeSantis has only made things worse.

We’ve seen this exact same scenario before in other Disney events, such as the Oogie Boogie Bash versus Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, but its more than just a quality issue. The hard truth of the matter is that it isn’t just an issue of conservatives taking issue with the LGBTQ+ or progressives fighting back against state policies, it’s that conflict is hurting almost anyone involved with Disney.

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Credit: Inside the Magic

As Disneyland flourishes, Walt Disney World continues to limp along licking its wounds. Many Guests have blamed the ongoing conflict in Florida on Disney for their stance on The Parental Rights in Education Act (the “Don’t Say Gay” bill), and others argue that the hardcore actions of the Republican supporters are harming the state’s biggest employer. The true fact of the matter is that we are all suffering from the result of the conflict.

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The LGBTQ+ and their allies might be the ones currently under fire, but the protests and other shocking activity happening just outside Disney’s door are slowing down the Carousel of Progress. The Walt Disney Company is giving more to Disneyland because the environment is more progressive and opening, while Florida’s continues to leave their Park stuck in the dark ages. It’s one thing to disagree with politics or policy, but it’s another to take away the Disney magic from everyone else.

Who do you think is at fault for the Disneyland drama? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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