Disney World Is Losing Its Primary Audience, Reports Say

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With the actions of Governor Ron DeSantis, protests, and even reports of Nazi activity coming out of the Walt Disney World Resort, it feels like Florida is becoming a very scary and dangerous place. Despite the turmoil going on outside its gates, Disney has continued to push deals and promotions in an attempt to bring more Guests to the Parks.

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Fans have seen the return of the Disney Dining Plan, Genie+ is set to be replaced, and other such initiatives put in place to draw in the crowds.  However, it seems like the Parks are still missing the mark, and their numbers are suffering for it. It might be time for Disney to reevaluate their strategy.

Disney World Falls With the Wrong Crowd

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The Disney History Institute podcast recently shared their June update for the Parks, reporting that Park attendance is predicted to go down at least 20%. That might not seem much for a company as big as Disney, but it’s a noticeable bite out of their sizable statistics.

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According to the same report, Disney is currently pitching its deals and Park events primarily to families with multiple children, as to be expected from the company. However, they are also blatantly “pricing out” middle-class family units, which is likely partially responsible for the 20% loss. What Disney has yet to realize at this point is that their most valuable customer is still sitting right under their collective noses.

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Although they’ve received a lot of bad press, there’s no separating Disney Adults from a majority of the company’s profits. If families aren’t going to Disney as much as they should, the logical result should be turning attention to a more dependable consumer base. They don’t even have to remove any of the deals already in place, just change their audience and direction.

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Disney Adults (this writer included) will spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to get their nostalgia fix from the place where dreams come true. What better strategy than to take advantage of a grown-up market’s need for magic? With the proposed Disney villain Park and more creative freedom for Star Wars and Marvel, it seems like they might be learning from their blunders.

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