Jonathan Majors Case Takes Surprising Turn as Huge MCU Actor Backs Him Up

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Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Credit: Marvel Studios

It has been a bit since the last news about Jonathan Majors was released. The man did appear in court on June 20, where he was given an August 3 trial date. However, Majors has now filed a complaint against the woman suing him, followed by him being backed up by a huge MCU actor.

Creed Jonathan Majors
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Majors was initially arrested back on March 25. He was accused of minor assault, which included strangulation, assault, and harassment of his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Since his arrest, Majors has lost an Army TV ad, been dropped by his management and PR firms, but has stayed put at Marvel—which has been quite surprising.

However, it could be that the MCU knew something the public did not know. Or they were simply going with the “innocent until proven guilty” notion. The media giant’s patience could finally pay off, as it appears that Majors is now going after Jabbari, filing a complaint that she was the one who abused him.

Jonathan Majors and his counsel have claimed innocence since this news story broke, even going so far as releasing text messages from the victim, which indicated she was at fault. So far, the case has not yet been thrown out, but now Majors has officially filed a complaint against her. According to the sworn affidavit from Majors, Jabbari was allegedly “drunk and hysterical.” The affidavit also states Jabbari allegedly “scratched, slapped, and grabbed at his face, causing pain and bleeding.”

This affidavit, witness testimony, and surveillance footage have led to Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, stating:

Last week, for the first time, Mr. Majors met with the NYPD to present them with evidence of what really happened on that night. Within hours of viewing the evidence, and conducting their own thorough investigation, the NYPD found probable cause to arrest Grace Jabbari for assaulting Jonathan Majors..

This new evidence could lead to the case being ultimately dismissed and Jonathan Majors retaining his job as Kang the Conqueror. It appears the news of this evidence or the feelings of his innocence has been shared by fellow MCU actors, as Anthony Mackie has officially weighed in on the issue.

Anthony Mackie Backs Up Jonathan Majors

Anthony Mackie as John Doe in Twisted metal
Credit: NBC Universal/Sony Pictures Television

Anthony Mackie was speaking to Inverse when promoting his new Peacock series, Twisted Metal. Mackie is a big draw these days, and he is also set to appear as Captain America in the Captain America: Brave New World sequel. When prompted about his feelings towards the Jonathan Majors case, he had this to say:

““That’s one of the staples of this country. Nothing has been proven about this dude. Nothing. So everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s all I can say. It’s crazy where we are as a society. But as a country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

Mackie is clearly on to something, as it appears that Majors might be able to continue his life past this torrid happening, as the new evidence presented by his counsel could lead to a case dismissal. Mackie is right in stating that the United States was built on the idea of “innocent until proven guilty.” Majors has not yet appeared at the trial for his alleged crimes, so he has not been formally convicted of any crimes. He will also not be convinced if the case is thrown out.

This is speculation, as Majors is still due in court on August 3. However, we could see an out-of-court settlement come or simply see the case be reversed with Jabbari being arrested for her involvement during the night of Majors’ arrest.

Jonathan Majors as Kang in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' (2023). Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Either way, Jonathan Majors has been under scrutiny since March, and it appears he might finally see some sort of justice from this situation. However, many people have remained silent on the case; at least he has Captain America in his corner. Again, the MCU might have known about this evidence the entire time, so they had not decided to recast or replace Majors.

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