Jonathan Majors Heads to Trial, as Marvel Could Be Facing an Ezra Miller Situation

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Jonathan Majors as Kang in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' (2023). Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

For some odd reason, Marvel and Disney have not yet pulled the trigger on letting go of Jonathan Majors. Granted, he has not yet been formally convicted of domestic abuse, but the situation has reached what should have been a breaking point. The actor has officially spent his second day in court and will face trial soon.

Jonathan Majors Denies Allegations: Proves His Innocence Through Text Messages
Credit: Inside The Magic

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For those who may not remember what transpired, Majors was arrested on March 27 and charged with domestic violence against his former girlfriend. Authorities took Majors into custody after the woman alleged she was assaulted by him and sustained minor injuries to her neck and head.

Jonathan Majors being arrested and accused of such crimes was enough for him to lose a big Army TV ad while Creed III was in theaters. Majors had also been dropped by his public relations firm and his management company, though Marvel was still keeping out of letting the man go. We understand the company might know something the public does not, but keeping quiet about the situation reflects poorly on Marvel.

Ever since the news broke, Marvel and Disney have been tight-lipped about getting rid of Majors, which might be the situation that blows up in their faces. Take the Johnny Depp situation, for instance. Depp had been dumped by practically everyone when it was revealed he was the abuser of ex-wife Amber Heard. Disney was one of the first to indicate that Depp had no place in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise any longer.

It could be that Marvel does not want to make the same mistake by getting rid of Majors when he could be absolved of these crimes. Still, being accused of domestic violence is generally bad enough that most people want to distance themselves from such a crime in the first place. Marvel has said nothing and has done nothing, and now Majors is set to face his trial in early August.

Jonathan Majors Trial Date Is Set

Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
Credit: Marvel Studios

Jonathan Majors initially appeared via Zoom for his first court appearance on May 9. Judge Rachel S. Pauley instructed the actor to appear in person the next time, or “a warrant can be issued for your arrest within 48 hours.”

Majors did just that, as he appeared in court again this morning, though it took only two minutes. Majors appeared with his legal counsel, as Judge Pauley instructed that the trial date has been set for August 3.

Additionally, he was reminded that the plaintiff was given a full temporary order of protection, meaning Majors could not contact her until the trial commences.

Since the charges have been levied against Jonathan Majors, his legal counsel has stated that he is the victim of the situation that took place in March. They had gone so far as to release text messages from the woman, indicating she had taken full blame for the situation. Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhry also insisted, “These charges to be dropped soon.”

Despite the hope that this case would not go to trial, it looks like that is precisely what will happen. Though it appears that Marvel has not yet decided how to handle the situation, the most recent delays could indicate Majors’ time in the MCU is coming to a close.

Marvel Could Be Facing an Ezra Miller Situation

The Flash (Ezra Miller) in shock at what he is seeing
Credit: Warner Bros.

Interestingly, Marvel has now delayed two of its most significant release, and the two that would directly involve Jonathan Majors. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars have been pushed back by a year each. Though this could be because the MCU is counting the WGA strike in what might take some time to resolve, they might also be working to replace Majors.

The issue is that Major’s portrayal of Kang was meant to be the next big baddie of the MCU. Kang the Conqueror appeared in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and is also set to appear in some form in Loki Season 2. He was also meant to be the prominent fixture threatening the Marvel heroes of Phases 5 and 6. However, it could be that Marvel is trying to either recast the character or move in a different direction.

Marvel might be taking into account that even if Jonathan Majors has these crimes acquitted, his reputation could be forever damaged, resulting in fans not wanting to see properties with him as the star.

The same thing is arguably happening with The Flash and Ezra Miller. Despite DC keeping the actor out of promotions and doing what it could to minimalize the fact that the lead actor had been arrested several times, fans have not forgotten Miller’s horrible behavior.

The Flash was projected to make somewhere in the $70 million range for its opening weekend, which is not the case, as the film has dropped to an embarrassing $61 million haul. This is especially bad, considering it was a holiday weekend.

Now, Marvel might have already been guessing this could happen, and they were only biding their time until a proper replacement was found. They could not have known that The Flash would bomb, as that just happened, but the worry of that happening could have been enough for them to smartly prepare by finding a new Kang.

Famed Actor Jonathan Majors Arrested
Credit: Inside The Magic

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We will certainly know more, especially after Jonathan Majors finally sits in on his trial on August 3. Marvel could keep him as a key piece of their movies should he be acquitted. Then again, fans might not be so quick to forgive the man for being accused of domestic assault, and his future MCU appearances could bomb completely.

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