Guests Learn How to Treat Disney Characters

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Mouse Greets Guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Cast Members and character performers are the undisputed life blood of the Disney Parks, they literally do not function without them. While there have been several unfortunate incidents regarding Guests and CM interactions, there is a very vocal fanbase for them, especially the ones in charge of bringing Disney’s Meet and Greets to life.

Mickey Mouse rides the carousel at Hong Kong Disneyland
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Disney’s Character Meet and Greets are what bring the magic of Disney to life for many fans, but portraying the likes of the princesses and Mickey’s friends isn’t always the dream job some would think. Sometimes, Cast Members and characters are faced with some hostile conditions. It’s honestly shocking Guests literally have to learn how to behave.

Keep Meet and Greets Magical


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With some of the recent incidents seen at the Parks, it was honestly a matter of time before someone made a how-to video on the Characters. Joking aside, the TikTok above is a great way to introduce the Disney’s Meet and Greets to new Guests, especially since they are far from the typical, garden variety mascots.

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While the video covers the basics like have autograph books ready, ask permission for hugs and photos, it also goes on to encourage Guests to get in on the act. Speaking from experience, some of the best character interactions are possible if Guests are able to play back with them.

Captain Hook meets fans at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

Meeting characters like Mickey, Stitch, Cinderella, and all the rest are a must-do for many hardcore Disney fans, but some Guests just have to make it awkward by trying to get them to break the illusion, participate in stupid social media stunts, or straight-up attacking them. Hence the reason for the video above.

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While they might be wearing the guises of our favorite faces from Disney’s onslaught of media, they are still human Cast Members underneath the fur, makeup, and false faces. While it can be easy to forget that detail due to how incredible their performances often are, it’s a healthy reminder for Guests of all ages.

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in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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