YouTuber Kicked out of Disneyland for Filming Backstage, Harassing Cast Members

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A Youtuber getting kicked out of Disneyland by a security cast member.

Credit: Zip TV on YouTube

A YouTuber was recently kicked out of Disneyland Resort after allegedly filming backstage areas and disturbing other Guests.

Trey and Jackson have just over seven thousand subscribers on their YouTube prank channel, Zip TV. The two filmed for hours at Disney California Adventure Park before the altercation with Disney Security Cast Members occurred. They alleged that they had previously attempted to sneak into Disneyland Park.

In a ten-minute video, the pair interviewed other Guests and Disney Cast Members about happenings in Avengers Campus. As Trey repeatedly asked a Disney Cast Member about a show involving Black Widow, she asked them not to film her. Jackson pointed the camera away, but the pair continued to pester the employee until a manager stepped in.

“At this time, my Cast Members are actually doing a job, so we do ask that we don’t distract them while we have our demonstration,” the manager said.

Trey and Jackson went on about their day, yelling excitedly and purposely interrupting other Guests’ photos. Trey approached a working VIP Tour Guide and asked if he had any deodorant. The worker laughed and said no, but allegedly confronted the YouTubers after the camera turned off.

“The second we put the phone down and stop filming, he comes up to us and is like, ‘If I see that on the Internet anywhere, we’re going to have problems,’” Trey claimed. “He’s probably going to try to call security on us for filming in public.”

Kids play and pretend to be heroes at Avengers Campus
Credit: Disney

Disney Security Cast Members confronted the YouTubers while they waited in line for Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in Cars Land. They continued to film the employees as they escorted them out of the queue despite being instructed not to do so.

“We’ve had multiple reports that you’ve been going up to random Cast Members and asking them questions,” one of the Security Cast Members explained. “… They’re feeling harassed.”

After a few minutes, a Disney Security supervisor took over.

“Unfortunately, that behavior is not allowed here,” he explained. “I have to end your visits for today.”

disneyland cast member walk in walts footsteps tour
Credit: Disney

But the YouTubers refused to leave unless they received a refund.

“We have it all on film, and none of that happened,” Trey argued. “So would we be able to show you? Because we did pay for these tickets.”

Eventually, members of the Anaheim Police Department arrived and forced them to leave. The YouTubers went live as they exited the Southern California Disney Park, telling their followers it was “f**king nuts.”

“If we were pranking, then that would make sense, but we were just vlogging our day,” Trey said.

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