Disney World Guests Scream, Cover Themselves in Dead Relative’s Remains

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Mickey Mouse scared after seeing Guests covering themselves in their dead relative's remains at Magic Kingdom

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A group of Guests covered themselves in their dead relative’s ashes at Walt Disney World Resort, alarming Cast Members and other Guests.

Walt Disney World Resort holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Guests worldwide, both young and young at heart, who are always dreaming of their next visit to the Magic Kingdom to hug Mickey Mouse, ride their favorite attraction, and enjoy their favorite snack. However, some Guests take their love of Disney to extreme lengths, sparking criticism online and engaging in dangerous and inappropriate behaviors.

A couple of Guests using Disney Genie+ in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World
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Disney adults, as the internet contemptuously calls adults who enjoy visiting Disney World and Disneyland, constantly spark debate online, with parents complaining aggressively about their presence at the Parks and even causing a campaign to ban Disney adults to gain traction online. While some of these attacks are irrational, a couple of Guests pushed the line too far, trying to become a permanent part of Disney World and breaking several rules in the process.

Former Disney World Cast Member sweaty oracle (@sweatyoracle) recently shared the disturbing story on his TikTok account only after sharing a fantastic picture of him sitting at the iconic organ in the ballroom scene of the Haunted Mansion located in Magic Kingdom.

Haunted Mansion at Disney World
Credit: Disney

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Sweaty oracle commented that “a super common occurrence of the Haunted Mansion is people trying to throw their loved ones ashes into the Haunted Mansion,” which obviously goes against Disney World’s Park rules and surely more than one health and safety regulation. He also added — spoilers — that Guests see the iconic ballroom scene of the ride through a piece of glass, which creates the illusion of the happy haunts enjoying their swinging wake.

After sharing this information with the viewers, the former Cast Member recounted the disturbing story, saying that an unload Cast Member at the Haunted Mansion heard screaming, yelling, and commotion coming from inside the beloved Disney ride.

“The Doom Buggy approaches,” he continued, “and there are Guests covered in a powder because those Guests tried to throw their loved one’s ashes into the ballroom scene.” The Guests inadvertently covered themselves in the cremated remains of their loved one after the ashes bounced off the glass in the scene! “How does one exactly get over the trauma of getting a face full of Uncle Jack while riding a slow-paced family Disney attraction?” added sweaty oracle humorously.

Guests riding Haunted Mansion
Credit: Disney

Sweaty oracle commented that when an incident like this happens, maintenance Cast Members have to rush to the attraction “in a giant hazmat suit and sucks [the ashes] up with a special vacuum cleaner and takes Aunt Bessie to the dump,” which, added to the screaming, the shock on the Guests who covered themselves in their loved one’s remains, Cast Members, and Guests around them, and the mess inside the ride, undoubtedly caused a scene at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. You can watch the video below:

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While Disney World’s list of prohibited items does not explicitly include “the cremated remains of a loved one,” spreading ashes in Walt Disney World is strictly forbidden, and Guests should never attempt to do it, as this could create a hazard for Guests and Cast Members and could cause them to be kicked out of the Park or banned for life.

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