Disney Cast Members Side With Guests on Line-Cutting

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Line-cutting has become one of the most complained about issues in Disney Parks. No matter where you go, people are complaining about others abusing the system and making their vacation worse for it. Finally, some Disney Cast Members have voiced their opinions on the matter.

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Cast Members are the people who keep Disney Parks running. Whether you’re at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland in California, these dedicated workers ensure that Guests have a wonderful experience and that, if something goes wrong, Guests never notice it.

But one issue that has become more noticeable since the Parks reopened after the pandemic: line-cutting. It seems that more and more Guests are noticing when groups of people move past them toward the front of the line. While most people do this for understandable reasons (bathroom emergencies, items for children, etc.), others are clearly abusing the practice.

It’s understandable why Guests are irritated by this. If you’re waiting in line for your favorite ride, everyone should also have to wait! And even though most Guests feel like Cast Members aren’t handling it at all, some of those same Cast Members agreed.

Cast Members Hate Line-Cutting As Much As We Do

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In what has become common on the various Disney Park Reddit pages, there was a thread lamenting line-cutters and how they ruin the overall experience. Some of these upset Guests have one request: Cast Members need to step up and stop these infractors. And most Cast Members are on the same page as these Guests.

One Cast Member agreed but explained why catching these culprits is difficult. “Trust me; we do not like it any more than you Guests do. We can only do something about it if we actually see it. The reason is because it’s a “he said, she said” situation. It could be a Guest that’s angry at another Guest and wants to get back at them. So unless we see it, we can’t do anything. ”

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Some other Cast Members pointed out steps they’ve taken to curtail this unfortunate phenomenon. Some rides now have Cast Members stationed in the middle of the line to catch perpetrators. Others have a hard and fast rule about how many people can “cut” at a time. While neither of these rules is set in stone, they are a step in the right direction.

Others pointed out how many lines, especially in Disney World, have Magic Bands or confirmations on their phones to give them access to the Lightning Lane. A Disney Cast Member can check these at any point in the line, making it harder for people to get away with this.

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There is one big piece of advice that Cast Members have for Guests who hate line-cutters: don’t stop them and just ignore it. Not only do you not know why that person had to leave the line in the first place, but it will likely just result in an unnecessary confrontation that will get both parties kicked out of the Park.

“Most attractions are efficient at getting Guests on, so even if a group of ten passes, you’re really losing maybe two minutes of your life vs. getting banned. Annoying, but not worth it.”

How do you think line-cutting should be addressed at Disney Parks? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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