After 61 Years, Marvel Retires Spider-Man

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' (2021)

Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Peter Parker has swung through the streets of New York City for over half a century, and Stan Lee’s greatest creation has become an icon of pop culture in and out of comics. Spider-Man has tamed the lizard, grappled with the Green Goblin, and outwitted Doc Ock for years, but it looks like his time in the limelight might be coming to an end.

Credit: Marvel Studios

From Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield to Tom Holland, Spidey’s story is one that has echoed throughout cinema for years, and it’s one that everyone should experience. However, recent developments from Marvel Studios and actors involved suggest that it’s time to move on from the perils and pitfalls of Peter Parker, and let a new hero take the stage.

Peter Parker Passes the Torch to Miles Morales


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That Comics Guy on TikTok makes a great case for Miles Morales replacing Peter Parker as this generation’s Spider-Man, but his analysis goes further than just on a comic book level. With the success of the Spider-Verse series from Marvel Studios and Sony Animation, Miles Morales truly has become the new face of the character.

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Considering that Tom Holland is stepping away from the role, the hype for the next Miles Morales movie is positively palpable, and the character has stretched his reach beyond comics, movies, and video games, it might be the case that we see an MCU adaptation of Miles before we see the return of Peter Parker. But that might actually be a good thing.

Peter B. Parker (left) and Miles Morales (right)
Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures

What made Spider-Man such a success? His relatability, and that is exactly what is keeping Miles in the public eye. It’s not that he’s replacing Peter Parker by any means, but that today’s audience is finding more representation with his successor.

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Peter Parker’s story is practically mandatory for any superhero fan, but it’s one we’ve seen over and over again, and Marvel is well-aware. His successor in the sleek, black, tights, on the other hand, gives a voice to a wider and more current generation of fans. In a way, he better captures Stan Lee’s original vision by being the superhero that everyone could be.

Miles Morales, and the multiverse of Spider-Man variants, proved that age-old adage of “anyone can put on the mask.”  While Peter Parker will always be the true original, his protege is quickly climbing the ranks. If Marvel’s direction is anything to be believed, Miles Morales will be swinging long after his mentor hangs up the mask.

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