‘Spider-Verse’ Coming to an End As Soon As Next Year

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has been one of the most anticipated releases this year.

With an incredible opening weekend and record-breaking numbers, Spider-Verse already has fans excited for the next installment in the franchise, Beyond the Spider-Verse. Beyond was originally scheduled for a 2024 release date, which would’ve made history as the shortest time between a movie and its sequel in Marvel history. However, it seems as though the film is already facing delays, with Hailee Steinfeld confirming she hasn’t started recording her lines for Gwen and the official Spider-Verse Twitter removing the expected release date from their bio.

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As fans come to terms with possible delays before the next film, it’s also been revealed that Beyond will be the third and final installment in the Spider-Verse franchise. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, producers and co-writers of the Spider-Verse films, have confirmed that Miles’s story will end with the next movie.

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They revealed that it wasn’t until they were working on Across the Spider-Verse that they realized it was the middle piece of a trilogy story, although there’s a lot more they had planned to explore. However, Beyond the Spider-Verse “is the end of the Miles Morales trilogy” as everything has been working towards that.

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They joke that they’re “so tired!” but confirm that they are not done with the Spider-Man variants just yet. Lord and Miller are actively working on a Spider-Man Noir and a Silk Spider series for Amazon, although both shows are currently on pause due to the writers’ strike.

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Fans may be sad to see Miles’s story within the Spider-Verse coming to an end, but can breathe a little easier knowing that there’s still more to come from the now-iconic duo of Lord and Miller. Not only have the movies taken the animation industry and turned it on its head, but they’ve also brought a whole new audience of fans to Spider-Man and specifically Miles Morales. With a live-action Miles movie already confirmed, fans won’t see the end of Miles for a long time.

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