Amidst DeSantis Drama, Fans Wonder if Hall of Presidents Is Still Relevant

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multiple animatronics on the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is officially running in the 2024 presidential election, announced last night during his Twitter Spaces conversation with Elon Musk.

While many people already expected DeSantis to confirm his campaign, it’s now raising questions about whether or not Disney World would include him in the Hall of Presidents if he wins considering their history. However, it’s also causing many to discuss whether the attraction is even still relevant at Walt Disney World.

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In a post on Twitter, Disney fans expressed their opinions about Disney keeping or removing the attraction. “I go to Disney to escape the harsh cruelties of this world,” claims @LucyRebelHeart, “Today, Hall of Presidents takes me out of that fantasy. Would much rather see Liberty Square changed.” With the current political climate in the United States so polarizing and controversial, it’s understandable that fans wouldn’t want to be reminded while enjoying a Disney vacation.

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Some comments share recent unpleasant experiences during the attraction. “People clapping and booing just to antagnoize each other, not worth it,” comments @Bill_Feldberg. “Politics has no place in Magic Kingdom,” claims @DreamerC1928. Other comments argued in favor of the attraction, like @epcotdude1, who states, “it was created to let the world share in a purely American tradition. It was and still is hugely important, especially when our history all around us is being destroyed or rewritten.”

Hall of Presidents

While some say it’s a weird attraction to offer in a Park with a large amount of international visitors, others say it’s just weird being located in the Magic Kingdom. “Might be a better fit in the American Adventure at EPCOT,” suggests @IT_Coaster_Guy. There have been rumors swirling for a while that Frontierland and Liberty Square may be getting a major overhaul and retheme over the next few years, which could impact the Hall of Presidents.

Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents

While it does offer an educational aspect to both American and international Guests, it’s easy to see the argument that it’s out of place in the Magic Kingdom, a Park meant to focus on fantasy and magic. It would be easier to accept it’s inclusion in EPCOT, where there’s an entire pavilion dedicated to America.

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While it’s still way too early to make any calls about DeSantis’s chances in the election, it’s possible that Disney World could use his win and an area retheme to retire the attraction for good. However, the Hall of Presidents may be more important now than ever considering the overall climate in the country, although it could be better utilized in EPCOT than in Magic Kingdom.

What do you think about the Hall of Presidents: still relevant or time to go? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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