Disney Versus DeSantis and the Hall of Presidents

in Walt Disney World

Ron DeSantis with the Hall of Presidents behind him

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially launched his presidential campaign last night on Twitter, confirming what many people already expected.

DeSantis has been in the spotlight for months now amidst his ongoing battle against Walt Disney World, stemming from the controversy surrounding his “Don’t Say Gay” bill last year. Since Disney refused to offer their support for the bill, DeSantis has since launched an attack against the hospitality giant.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

In response to DeSantis’s measures against Walt Disney World, the company has filed a lawsuit, claiming the Governor’s actions go against the company’s First Amendment rights.  With all the contention surrounding the theme park and the Florida Governor, DeSantis’s announcement last night now has fans wondering: what happens if he actually wins the 2024 election?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointing concerned
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One of the attractions available at Disney World is the Hall of Presidents, featuring animatronics of each U.S. president. Some of the more influential presidents, like Lincoln, deliver speeches while the others look on. The attraction talks about the great responsibility that the president must undertake as well as different moments in history.

hall of presidents joe biden
Credit: Disney

The controversy surrounding DeSantis and Disney has many asking if Disney would actually include him if he wins the presidential election. In a recent Twitter post, fans are sharing their opinions of what a DeSantis win could mean for the attraction, with @jake_coasters calling the possibility  a “rich irony.”

hall of presidents
Credit: ABC

“DeSantis being the reason this is removed would be the one good thing he did for disney,” claims @Gaylaxian. “I honestly think that would be the tipping point and the attraction would be removed/reworked. There’s no way Disney are making an animatronic of the man they’re currently suing,” chimes in @8_theme.

hall of presidents
Credit: Disney

Many are calling for the Hall of Presidents to be removed or rethemed, claiming it’s long overdue and DeSantis winning would be the perfect excuse for Disney. Others, however, say that chances of him winning are slim enough that it doesn’t even matter, although it’s too early in the campaign to make such claims just yet. But it does beg the question: what will Disney do if DeSantis wins?

Do you think Disney would add a DeSantis animatronic or use the excuse to remove the attraction completely? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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