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Ron DeSantis with the Hall of Presidents behind him


  1. jimthedj

    If he did win, however unlikely, he would still be included, for a few reasons.

    The show is historic and very non political, and details about even in the past, politics have been polarizing. We need that more then ever today.

    Also, the spat between Disney and DeSantis will be long forgotten by 2025 when he gets sworn in.

  2. Emma

    Absolutely not he has a hatred look it is going to be his way or no way. Got news for him going to be Disney way if he wins there goes
    our retirement and our kids will loose their jobs 46 years there has been gays at Disney since beginning he is so set on it then why did he get married in 2009 at the Grand Floridian, he is digging deeper

  3. Bill

    Perhaps this article would be better if you’d use the actual name of the bill – “The Parental Rights in Education Act” (Florida House Bill 1557) instead of calling it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill? Why not at least try to be accurate? Or perhaps you weren’t interested in being accurate?

    Disney screaming for the right to push sex onto 5 year olds, is not a winning message. Disney (Iger) stating that Disney *IS* the Reedy Creek Improvement District is a huge mistake. Disney is losing both the moral and legal arguments.

    1. Lori Miller

      If DeSantis accidentally should WIN this election, I think Disney should go ahead and include his image in the Hall of Presidents. Just don’t be surprised if he comes out looking an awful lot like Goofy!!!!

  4. JoeNYWF64

    I would love to see Disney shut down this attraction permanently – exactly on inauguration day of Desantis.

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