Disney Park Shamed For “Dirty” New Mickey Ears

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Mickey Mouse makes a disgusted face, covering up a pair of Tinkerbell Mickey Ears.

Mickey ears are essential for a visit to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Whether you want a classic ear hat or a modern Minnie ear-style headband, there’s a perfect pair of ears for every Guest! The Disney Parks have even done luxury ear collaborations with designer brands like Baublebar and Vera Wang.

Despite their innocuousness, Mickey ears are not without controversy. At D23 Expo in September of 2022, two pairs of limited-release Disney100 silver and black Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears went viral for their product description, which described Minnie Mouse “dripping” with excitement. An onslaught of memes followed, and shopDisney reposted the ears with a new product description.

This week, a pair of Tinkerbell-themed ears caused a stir on social media. This time, it’s not an innuendo but a poor design that doomed the accessory. Vic (@imthecatalyst) shared a video of the newest controversial Mickey ears on TikTok:


These new ears are a miss for me 😭😭😭 #mickeyears #mickeymouseears #disneyears #distok #disneytok #disneyadult #disneyland #disney #dca

♬ original sound – Vic✨🤍

“I want to know why the h*ll Tinkerbell’s face is built like that,” Vic laughed. “Like, why?”

The video garnered thousands of views, comments, and likes. “Justice for Tink,” said @alexiakarine. “They did her sooo wrong.”

“They did her dirty,” @multifandomz_z agreed. “Give my girl some respect.”

tinkerbell parade christmas
Credit: Screenshot via Disney

“I can draw her face better than that, and I can’t draw,” @pepitpepita wrote.

“They didn’t make her face the right shape, but they still crammed it all on there!” @justjamiej1 joked.

The Disney Parks haven’t commented on negative Guest feedback about the Tinkerbell ears. As a Park-exclusive product, the ears aren’t available on shopDisney.

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