Desperate Guests Want All Filming Banned to Stop Disneyland Live Streamers

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A hand, representing Disneyland live streamers, holds up their phone to film fireworks over sleeping beauty castle. Mickey Mouse appears angry while holding a camera.

Toyko Disney Resort put an end to live streaming in 2022, enacting strict rules about filming and camera equipment. Since then, Disney Parks fans in the United States have begged for similar policies that effectively ban Disneyland live streamers.

Some Disneyland Resort fans are upset that live streamers talk during rides. Others have privacy concerns. But overwhelmingly, most are fed up with frequently disrespectful and sometimes dangerous behavior by so-called Disney influencers.

On Tuesday, Reddit user u/mangaz137 shared their concerns with fellow fans in a post that instantly received dozens of responses and votes of support. “I could not imagine anything more annoying/immersion-breaking than waiting an hour+ for an attraction only for some idiot to be talking to chat through the whole thing,” they wrote.

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“How entitled do you have to be to think your stupid stream is more important than everyone around you,” the fan continued. “I would love to see phone filming banned altogether on attractions but I know that’s a bigger ask.”

Commenters overwhelmingly agreed. “That would be fantastic,” said u/toastedmarsh7. “It took them a few years to ban selfie sticks and even more to ban wagon strollers so we can keep waiting and hoping.”

“I’m OK with people filming a walkthrough of the park… but I wouldn’t object,” u/Andrew_Korenchkin agreed. “Disney should have the right to stop streamers taking away the experience from others.”

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Some shared personal experiences with Disneyland live streamers.

“I sat next to a streamer on Goofy’s Sky School,” u/SaveSplashMountain recalled. “The Cast Member politely asked him to put away his phone multiple times before the ride started but he ignored her.”

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