Disney Bans Select Kinds of Filming in Parks, Vlogging May be Affected

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We know that in order to keep Guests and Cast Members safe, many Disney Parks attractions have cameras located inside of them so that Cast Members can keep an eye on Guests and ensure they are following the rules. For example, one time, a Cast Member came over the loudspeaker on Carousel of Progress to tell the Guests to keep their face coverings on during the entire show.

Again, these hidden cameras are installed to ensure the safety of Guests and Cast Members as thousands of Guests visit the theme parks every single day.

But, some Guests have voiced concerns and complaints about being filmed by others, potentially even ending up on live streams, and one Disney Resort has actually gotten the ball rolling on a plan to cut back on bloggers in the Parks.

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Being recorded by other Guests may upset some visitors as some video footage may be more close-up and personal or potentially could capture embarrassing information. And due to the nature of the internet, you could be immortalized in someone else’s video and not even know it.

Of course, this is often not the intent of the Guests filming, but due to the crowded nature of the Parks, it is nearly impossible to capture a shot without any Guests in the background. However, the Tokyo Disney Resort recently updated its policy regarding filming, and the changes could affect bloggers and bloggers.

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The use of “commercial shooting, etc.” and shooting auxiliary equipment (excluding handy-sized grip attachments) is now completely prohibited. Although the phrasing is kind of vague, especially when it comes to the filming of YouTube or other content, some hope that it will at least cut down on the activity.

It should be noted that many Disney fans rely on these videos, whether they are live streams or vlogs at the Disney Parks, to get them through the Disney blues and to allow them to feel like they are still a part of the magic. These videos can help immerse fans who are not able to be at the Parks at that moment and give them a feeling of being at Walt Disney World.

The videos are also often informative and can help educate those coming on vacation. It also can allow Guests to become more familiar with the Parks, especially if they have never been there before. As we mentioned, many of these content creators want to film Disney and not the hoards of crowds around them, and many do their best to keep others out of their shot so that they can be the focus of their video. Even Disney conducts live streams on their YouTube channel, which often will catch some other Guests in the Parks who are watching a show or in the vicinity of filming. Only time will tell how this new ruling affects vlogging culture going forward, at least in Tokyo Disney.

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