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Disney Has Options if North Carolina Doesn’t Work

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As the drama down south with Governor Ron DeSantis continues to boil in Florida, many dedicated Disney fans speculate that the Walt Disney World Resort will soon uproot itself into a more welcoming environment. While that’s physically, financially, and logistically impossible, Disney could potentially explore other territory.

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The residents of North Carolina have stated that their arms are open to Mickey and his friends, but they’re not the only ones interested in the mouse. Inside the Magic recently covered what could happen if and when Disney builds elsewhere, and the comments demonstrated that multiple states could play host to a new Disney Park or Disney resort. Needless to say, North Carolina is only one of many options.

Where to Build the Next Disney World?

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North Carolina might be at the top of the bill, but they aren’t the only place that the addition of a Disney Park could improve. That being said, many residents have further expressed their interest in having Disney much closer to home.

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Taking a practical point of view, “Ann” writes,

I would love to see another Disney. I hate having to go all the way to Florida everytime I want to bring the grandkids there. Virginia or North Carolina would be great places. At least I could drive there in a day instead of 3 days in the car…

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Another user further supports the idea by adding,

“PLEASE come to N.C. Sampson County has plenty of cheap dry land & it is 1 hour to Wrightsville Beach & would bring much needed jobs to a rural area that does not flood & the soil will grow about any fruits, especially blueberries & all sorts of vegetables. PERFECT LAND & PERFECT SPOT FOR MICKEY TO MAKE HIS NEW HOME!!”

Of course, North Carolina is only one of 48 other states without a Disney Park. It’s not like the company doesn’t have options in terms of territory. Many users from other states also expressed their desires to be Mickey’s next home.

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Betty” adds a few options further-inland when she comments,

“Although Disney considered NC and SC prior to FL, I think it is time to give the midwest some consideration. Of course, foreign visitors would need to be considered.”

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And “Vicki” adds,

“How about Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Maryland? I think the weather there is pretty much like it is in Paris and Disney Paris is open just about every day of the year’. And many of the current “outside” tides could be undercover or inside in a colder environment! Not only that but it would be closer to the major cities east of the Mississippi. Even if it had to close for a couple of months, that time could be used to do repairs snd refurbishments!”

In truth, Walt Disney World has still yet to announce any plans for any Park outside of their home turf  This might seem like sad news to some, but a user on a separate post on the subject offers this nugget of optimism.

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“This is a lovely dream, but it will never happen. Over 50 years of investment and infrastructure building can’t just be picked up and moved. My petty little brain loves the idea, but the practical side reminds me that DeSantis won’t be around forever.”

Do you think Disney will build its third U.S. Park elsewhere? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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