Watch Out Tom Holland — Marvel Star Reportedly the New Spider-Man

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Zendaya as Rue in HBO's Euphoria

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Tom Holland‘s tenure as Spider-Man could be coming to a dramatic close as Sony gears up to introduce more Spider-Man characters very soon.

Tom Holland in the Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel and Sony work together for one reason. Disney might own the merchandise rights to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but Sony has the rights to the movies, and no amount of money will persuade the company to give Disney those rights. Due to this, Sony works with Marvel to include Spider-Man in different projects and, of course, helps create the MCU Spider-Man movies.

While Tom Holland has had a significant role in the MCU, he normally doesn’t show up in a post-credits scene for any MCU movie, and for a good reason. It’s too difficult to bring the web-slinger into several projects due to Marvel’s tense relationship with Sony. Additionally, Sony is creating their own universe with Spider-Man villains such as Tom Hardy’s Venom or Jared Leto’s Morbius running loose and causing chaos.

Jared Leto as Morbius
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Some fans might love this universe, but others are concerned with how Sony handles the characters. Early reports for projects like Kraven the Hunter being an animal lover don’t exactly make fans excited to see more iconic villains dramatically change for no reason.

Also, for some reason, Spider-Man might be the dashing hero in the MCU, but Sony hasn’t introduced their own Spider-Man just yet. Fans have begged for Andrew Garfield to reprise his role or to bring Tobey Maguire back, but it seems that Sony has another plan. After all, fans have spent several years with Peter Parker, and there are lots of different web slingers ready for the spotlight.

Sydney Sweeney in HBO's Euphoria
Credit: HBO

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According to Insider Jeff Sneider, Madame Web (2024) — Sony’s most secretive Spider-Man project — will have Sydney Sweeney cast as Julia Carpenter, one of the first people to be Spider-Woman. The Sony project already has a lot of talent attached to the project, with Emma Roberts, Dakota Johnson, and Adam Scott. Some reports indicate that Cassandra Webb’s Spider-Woman would appear, but it’s unclear who plays who in the Spider-Man spinoff.

Other reports indicate that Roberts might star as Mrs. Parker, Peter’s mother, and might be pregnant with the fan-favorite Spider-Man. Sony’s universe tends to go everywhere with different timelines, so anything is possible. Fans are interested to see exactly how many web-slinging characters end up in the movie and if Sweeney is actually going to be Julia Carpenter.

Madame Web (Cassandra Webb)
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Euphoria star has already worked with some of the Spider-Man cast as she co-starred in the HBO series with Zendaya, who stars as MJ in the MCU. Sweeney’s role hasn’t been officially confirmed, but Madame Web has several reports indicating that Spider-Woman would be appearing, so it would make perfect sense for Sweeney to take on the role.

Instead of stealing Tom Holland for Sony’s Spider-Man projects and confusing MCU fans, the company might ditch Peter Parker and go with Sweeney’s Spider-Woman. This new change would probably be well accepted by fans who were looking for another web-slinger to take on the mantle, but others will probably be wishing Miles Morales would be entering live-action soon.

Julia Carpenter holding her keys and smiling
Credit: Marvel Comics

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At the end of the day, fans still have a full year to wonder and speculate since Madame Web doesn’t release in theaters until February 16, 2024.

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