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Zendaya as Rue in HBO's Euphoria

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  1. IT Guy

    i’d honestly love to see the mcu version of man-spider. that’s a variant that has been touched very little outside the comics, the only time i’m aware of being a couple episodes in the animated series of yesteryear. peter parker successors, yes, but a compelling storyline other than him being pummeled to death would be nice.

  2. Eric

    Would love for Toby McGuire to come back. He was great! If the upper bosses didn’t step in and let Sam Rami tell the story the way he wanted it, he wouldn’t have stopped at the third movie.

  3. Erick

    I think Spiderman should stick to the comics instead

  4. Chris Kinney

    NOBODY cares about the supposed “Sony Spiderverse”.

  5. DC

    Wtf. Hate the idea of female spiderwoman. Not a real hero. Stick to what has worked.

  6. Brian

    This is the worst idea ever. A female version of Spider-Man will fail. Please stop trying to pretend that genders are totally equal and interchangeable.

  7. Robert

    I think the original Spiderwoman/Jessica Drew would be best! Her story and powers are unique and the most interesting!

  8. Robert

    The Original Spiderwoman/ Jessica Drew would be the best! Unique powers and most interesting Origin story!

  9. Joe

    Aww hillbilly Republicuck snowflake triggered? There’s a reason there’s fewer and fewer people like you in the world each day and the entire planet doesn’t love you 😂

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