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The attraction of EPCOT - Mission 'SPACE'. Main sign on the left side and imitation of the attraction (crested by parkmania.pl)

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Disney has promised a lot of change to the Parks this year, and EPCOT certainly needs more than a tweak. While the land of innovation and exploration has many favored features like Test Track and Journey Into Imagination with Figment, Mission: SPACE might face the chopping block if Guests have their way.

Mission: SPACE sunrise
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In spite of their family-friendly reputation, the Disney Parks definitely have more than a handful of extreme, intense, and even scary rides and attractions. However, there’s a difference between getting jumpscared by the Yeti on Expedition Everest and losing one’s lunch on Mission: SPACE.

EPCOT, We Have a Problem

Mission Space Guests
Credit: USA Today

Mission: SPACE has developed a rather sickening reputation in the realms of the Disney fandom. There are frequent reports from Disney Park Guests stating that embarking on the orange mission has resulted in sickness, vomiting, fainting, and worse. While part of the blame lies with sickness-prone Guests not heeding the warning signs, this kind of publicity could spell death for the ride.

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EPCOT’s NASA-inspired simulation to Mars has had Guests gripping the edge of their seats since 2003, but not everyone can handle the force of the ride. With all the changes coming to the Park in the near future, Disney might set Mission: SPACE in their crosshairs.

Guests Are Sick of Mission: SPACE

Caution outside of Mission Space
Credit: SILive.com

Inside the Magic recently covered a report of the ride making riders violently ill, and many other Guests confirmed the claims. Some even mentioned how it’s time the ride was either reworked or outright replaced.

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Jennifer” writes,

“I made the mistake of riding test track and the mission space. I immediately felt ill coming off the ride and started vomiting about 20 minutes later. Spent 3 hours in the first aid place throwing up while my husband had to walk around with our 3 kids by himself. I felt horrible the rest of the day too. I would never ride that ride again!”

And “Dennis” bitterly adds,

“It replaced Horizons, one of the greatest theme park rides ever. That one was totally family friendly and I doubt anyone ever got remotely sick on it. So is this progress? They couldn’t have come up with a space themed attraction for everyone without barf bags being necessary for many?”

These and other comments are only a few examples of how Guests feel about the EPCOT attraction, but there’s definitely a consensus for change. Disney hasn’t made any real efforts towards removing or altering the ride, but it seems like Mission: SPACE could be next on the list.

Do you think Mission: SPACE will be next to be replaced? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!


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