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The attraction of EPCOT - Mission 'SPACE'. Main sign on the left side and imitation of the attraction (crested by parkmania.pl)

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. ted

    Wasn’t there another stellar article about this very topic by another aspiring journalist in the past few days on this site?…Talk about lazy…Kind of the same lazy for those who are briefed and warned a dozen time before getting on a ride they could have an adverse reaction, go on the ride, have an adverse reaction and then complain they had an adverse reaction. We love the ride by the way #stopcomplaining

    1. Verna

      Agreed 💯

      1. Chris

        Honestly, Mission Space has already been toned down from what it used to be. Guests who are not intelligent with their own body’s limits or warning labels on the rides shouldn’t keep punishing the thousands of others who ride these rides everyday.

        1. Kathy b.

          100% agree

  2. Now 20 yrs later people are up in arms about this attraction?! From the beginning we were told that this was the closest to space travel you were likely to get. After all you’re pulling G Forces. If you can’t take it ride the one that doesn’t spin on the centrifuge. Just don’t ruin it for other people.

    1. Christopher C Michaels

      People are warned before they enter the ride. That is why Disney gives you two choices. Green side for no G’s and Orange side for full G’s. People just don’t want to admit they screwed up. They would just rather blame someone else then admit they made a mistake and in the process ruin a good ride for everyone else.

    2. Verna

      Exactly. They have more than enough warnings

    3. Chris

      Agreed! The intensity had already been lowered from it’s original force!

      And one of the best parts of this was how real astronauts commented that this was the closest to the real thing they’ve ever ridden!

      It’d be a stain to the American people to remove this ride.

  3. Johnny Dupe

    “Waaaa! I had to wade ankle-deep water because it rained!”

    “Waaaa! I got stuck on a ride for an hour and had to listen to the music loop!”

    “Waaaa! I got sick on a ride that TOLD me I might get sick after riding another one that TOLD me I might get sick!”

    How ‘bout we put a cheese kiosk at the gate to go with your whine?

    1. Christopher C Michaels

      John I agree with you. Maybe we need to put cheese in the kiosk to go with their whining or better yet play violin music.

    2. Verna

      Exactly. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us

  4. Theresa

    I hope they keep Spaceship earth. Not all rides need to be thrill rides

  5. Darlyne Hayes

    I enjoyed the ride. Please don’t get rid of it.

  6. Nancy Esterlund

    My husband & I went on the ride for the first time when we were 68 years old. We figured why not haven’t seen anybody carrying out on a stretcher yet, hope we weren’t going to be he first. It was a blast sorry we didn’t do it sooner. We make sure we go on it at least once while we’re there. Don’t get rid of it because of the it’s all about me guests. I bet not one of the people that complained never got on the ride again. They are slowly weeding them several out. Yea for the rest of us.

  7. Spacey

    I am a space case. I wanted to be an astronaut and still would go up if I could. When the ride first came out, it brought tears to my eyes. To me it felt as real as inwould ever get. As the years have gone on, I found I can’t ride the full one anymore. So now I do the “friendlier” side. People should know their own bodies and stop ruining for the rest of us.

  8. Golder Sanford

    Why not bring back and old Disney ride,called Hyperspace?

  9. Marcus

    There are way more updates needs in EPCOT before a Mission: Space update.

  10. Sherry

    There are PLENTY of warning signs. If a few chose not to read them, then that was their choice. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. My 70 (at the time) year old Mom and I were in line to re-ride it. The Orange side was down. We were told we could wait or just ride green. Mom sighed and said “Two for the wimpy side”.😂 She never was bothered by motion sickness but she REFUSED to use the old skyway in MK because she didn’t like heights. Read the signs: you might get sick. If you have motion sickness don’t ride the orange side.

  11. Matthew

    Um, wow people, such stupidity. Stop with your complaining! It was YOUR mistake in the first place. They have tons of warnings all over PLUS options!!!

    When the ride opened, many found it was too intense for them. So, they made a 2 color ride system.

    One for those who don’t experience motion sickness and can ride the regular ride as intended. And for those more sensitive, or small children, they have a much lower hardly moving version.

    So you know what, they ALREADY DID make the ride accommodate all to safely ride.

    So, if you get sick, its your OWN fault. Don’t blame Disney. The ride was designed to mimic actual training.

    So no update is required as they already DID!

    1. MES

      My Dad, who had always been my roller coaster riding buddy, was standing in line with me for Space Mountain. He was in his late 70’s and always relished the Disney thrill rides before. We were halfway through the line, and he said he was “going to sit this one out, you go on”. He got the attendant to let him out, no fuss. He knew himself well and heeded the warning signs. I agree there is so much selfishness in these demands by the motion sickness crowd. (Don’t they already know they’re prone to motion sickness?)

  12. edgar

    Why must we always cater to the lowest common denominator? Plenty of us like thrill rides at the theme parks and are quite happy to have these options when we go. If you can’t stand feeling sick then don’t go on the ride. Pretty simply right?

  13. I’m 66 and ride Mission Space any time I can get to Epcot. It’s the closest thing I can think of to simulate space travel. I’ve ridden since it opened, even getting off and getting right be co in line to go again. Please don’t let the minority of riders who cannot read signs, insist on going on something when they’ve just eaten or have spent the day becoming dehydrated, ruin things for the rest of us. Mission Space is the best!

  14. Jon

    I have loved this ride since the day it opened. I go with my family to Disney a lot none of them like the ride so they go in and enjoy the ac. If I remember correctly the rides been changed a few times already the opening format was intense
    then it got “calmed down”
    Then it went to the two cool spinning and none spinning

  15. Simon

    So because of some snowflakes unable to take the pace they want to close one of the best rides?
    Why not just close all the rides down to placate all those that should be dressing themselves in cotton wool?

  16. Lee

    The ride should not close, there is the green and orange people should choose wisely, I have been on both and there is one I would prefer over the other but yes please do not close the ride.

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