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Mission: SPACE on the left, children on the attraction on the right and shocked Mickey Mouse, looking at the attraction

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  1. Dov Gilor

    I went with some of my family for a Disney trip. I am over 85 years of age and enjoyed every minute of the trip. I guess those who were sickened by some rides had preexisting conditions and should just take better care of themselves. We enjoyed every minute of our Disney two-week stay. Dov

    1. Mission Space is one of the best rides there . If you can’t handle it, stay off it. Common sense goes a long way.

    2. Nrr

      Excuse me? What an arrogant and ignorant attitude. Just because you had no problems doesn’t mean someone else can’t. I’d expect that un-intelligent opinion from a 20 something year old, not someone as old as you.

      1. Disney Fan

        Most of Americans are either overweight or obese. More than likely, many individuals having problems on Mission Space orange fall into this category. If you are fat and have a motion sickness problem, going on this ride is going to be problematic. I am 58 and in great shape because I bust my butt to stay that way! I will be in EPCOT in May and can’t wait to go on this ride. Be realistic about your limitations (i.e. have common sense)!

      2. Beth

        Arditi made a valid point…use your common sense! There are signs that warn you that if you are prone to motion sickness, DO NOT ride the orange side! The cast members will even warn you about it. I would love to be able to ride Mission Space, but I know I get motion sickness, so I won’t even try the green side. Yep…using my common sense!

      3. Janet MacFarlane

        There are warning for a reason. People just don’t read them or heed them. Not all rides are for all people

      4. Jack

        And you’re a sissy who thinks everyone needs to be coddled like a little bubble of safety. I bet you wore a mask during the plan-demic for a virus that had over a 99% survival rate 🙄🤦🤣

        1. MW

          Very insensitive comment. I lost my dad to Covid. That means more to me than your statistics. You f!@king a$$hole

      5. Michelle

        I went on this ride with my family and I am in excellent health and in great shape, I got so sick on this ride that I vomited all day and went back to hotel . I have never felt this bad before and it effected me long months afterwards.

    3. Mrs Squirrel

      But did you ride the orange Mission Space ride? If you didn’t it’s not fair to judge others and say they had preexisting conditions, just saying.

      1. SG

        I say boycott all things Disney altogether, since they removed Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, following the accusations against Johnny Depp! Johnny IS Captain Jack Sparrow…the two cannot be separated. He made Disney billions of dollars, then they throw him under the bus before he has his day in court!

  2. Spawn

    Take better care of themselves…what a condescending response. You’re lucky you made it to 85 – you may “take care of yourself” but your character comes across as trash. Work on that.

    1. Trump

      Oh snap! You got burned.

    2. Peggy

      Came here to say that.

    3. Walt

      How is that condescending. Because you did not like the truth? There are warnings posted EVERYWHERE in the parks including MS about problems with people who have health issues that are specific to the ride. Guess what I got motion sick as a kid – never as an adult – until mission space. So guess what? I didn’t go again. Big deal. I was at Imagineering the day after it was pitched to Michael Eisner so I knew how it worked and the risk – and stupidly still did it.

    4. Jack

      The only thing trash here is you who just wants to live as if the world was a preschool class. You probably are scared of guns too 🤣🤦🙄

  3. Pip

    Original opening ride intensity was MUCH worse! There wasn’t a green & orange option; it was just full throttle!! Even more intense than current orange.
    If you are unaware of an underlying health condition or defect you were unaware of, it could be harmful. It has nothing to do with “taking better care” of yourself…..very foolish comment.

    1. Rox

      We rode when it first opened, no green or orange option. We had to lie on benches for hours afterward.

      1. Pat

        So did I. It was brutal. Never knew I had motion sickness cause it was the 1st time it happened

    2. Jaxx

      Agreed. Went on it right after opening. All of us were nauseated. It was much worse than it is now.

      If you have pre-existing conditions, DON’T RIDE! Pretty simple, you would think. But people nowadays are not very bright.

      1. Mr. B.

        You would think the barf bags on the center console would give them a clue

      2. Alicia

        I was there in Aug 2022 and to be honest, don’t remember two different options!! I do know the signs are there, and I thought it can’t be worse than space mountain which I will NEVER ride again!! When it was over I was queasy, but during the ride I took deep breaths and didn’t think about being sick, although I had a moment. I definitely suggest not eating before and be sure to get hydrated after (not with alcohol!) It wasn’t what I expected, but if you easily get queasy then sick, don’t blame the ride if you ignore the signs.

      3. MW

        Very insensitive comment. I lost my dad to Covid. That means more to me than your statistics. You f!@king a$$hole

    3. Sheila

      I also rode it when there was only option, didn’t like it much so said I would never go on it again. In 2020 my friend wanted to go on it so she chose the orange lane and I did the green. The green was way nicer for me. If it still had only the one option I would have just told her have fun I’ll be waiting.

    4. Peggy

      There was a 5 year old from PA that died after the ride. Mom carried him off. Back when there was one choice. We rode the ride then after eating breakfast and walked around dizzy for 2 hours. When they came out with the 2 versions I would tell families looking at the ride to do the soft version.

  4. Will

    I’ve only been to Disney once and it was years ago (back in the Fast Pass era). MiL, FiL, Sil,and nephew backed out, so my wife, BiL, and I rode it once, then BiL and I ran around and rode it twice more. I never had a problem with motion sickness and he was ex – Air Force, so no problem for him either. Judging by the smell, a lady on one of the rides crapped her pants. That was worse than the ride itself.

  5. Chris

    I went on Mission Space one time and it was so odd. I could tell that we were rotating to the side but yet the video showed you moving forward. It was sickening.

  6. Mr. B.

    It’s motion sickness. Take something before you ride, dramamine, Ginger. Many rides make be nautious so I always have ginger on hand.

    1. JS

      Last time I did take dramamine even though I’ve never actually gotten that sick on it before the multiple times I rode it before. However, a few years before I did get a tad dizzy so this time being I was on the edge of 40 years old I thought I’d better come prepared. I still wasn’t sick this last time, but didn’t care for the feeling anymore so I decided to retire myself from that ride. It’s not even that much fun anymore so it was fine. Just figured I’d prevent myself from passing out in the future because that’s no fun either. I know 40 is not that old, but apparently old enough to start feeling it.

  7. Sandra

    They could replace Mission Space with some other ride about
    Space that is more family friendly. My family just skips this ride entirely.

    1. Ted

      Again someone in the minority opinion doesn’t like something and makes a comment like this advocating to change something the majority enjoy just so it caters to their narcissistic group/family…in my opinion people like you are what’s wrong with the world today…have a blessed day. Enjoy your best life

      1. JS

        What’s wrong with the world is people who don’t respect other’s opinions. They just made a suggestion. They weren’t demanding it.

        1. Hal

          JS opinions are like…well you know how the rest goes. You’ll be ok dear

          1. Ecandi

            Well, aren’t you just so special!🙄

    2. Ricklin

      Sandra I agree- would love to see a new attraction take it’s place as my family and others that I know of skip this ride entirely too. It’s boring. Only rode it once many years ago- my husband and I were fine getting off the ride but my mom had to go home for the rest of the day. Many years later we took our kids on it and they were fine as well but it was one and done for them too.

      1. vicki

        I enjoy the ride every time, sorry you don’t. In my opinion I would not change a thing. If you unable to enjoy the ride like many of us do, I recommend you explore many of the other experiences that are offered that are more your speed.

  8. Kathy

    We rode it when it first opened, it was fantastic experience, but I must say the orange/green options is better. There is a warning sign, and I guess when you have a preexisting condition you should heed the warnings, also don’t eat before riding.

  9. Walt

    One time someone had something happen on some ride somewhere – so we need to create a controversy to remove the attraction! NOW!

  10. It replaced Horizons, one of the greatest theme park rides ever. That one was totally family friendly and I doubt anyone ever got remotely sick on it. So is this progress? They couldn’t have come up with a space themed attraction for everyone without barf bags being necessary for many?

    1. Rose

      I rode it before it had 2 options with my dad and 10 year old son. I was 40. No motion sickness but the pressure made me feel like I was having a heart attack lol. My dad and I never rode it again. Just rode Cosmic Rewind few weeks back and it was awesome!!! I’m 52 now.

  11. I had the homor to ride Mission Space with my 11year old grandson! It was an amazing experience! I was concerned about motion sickness, but there were so many warnings! I will never forget when my grand son thanked me for riding him! Remember you can take motion sick medicine!!

  12. Jennifer

    I made the mistake of riding test track and the mission space. I immediately felt ill coming off the ride and started vomiting about 20 minutes later. Spent 3 hours in the first aid place throwing up while my husband had to walk around with our 3 kids by himself. I felt horrible the rest of the day too. I would never ride that ride again!

  13. I rode Mission Space once on the Orange side never again, next time I took the Green side still was queasy but waa able to manage it..also it is a little confining so if you are claustrophobic might not be the right for some people as well.

    1. I rode Mission Space when it first opened and every time I get to Epcot. Yes, it is intense and can cause some motion sickness but people have to take into account their own conditions. Have they been in the sun all day? Have they just done one of the big meals at an Epcot restaurant? Don’t blame the ride. Have any of these folks been to Universal Orlando? Talk about motion sickness. Had that on almost every ride there.

  14. Rob

    i totally agree with you sir.
    i have been on the ride a few times and love it

  15. Rob

    the first time I rode it there was no choice.
    if you know you are likely to be sick stay off and you are warned before several times.

  16. Debra Davis

    I just rode this last month. I knew better since I cannot handle too much spinning and I know the only way create G-Force on earth is by spinning. But everyone said oh its fun you will be fine. Uh. No. It was all I could do to keep from passing out and hold my eyes focused to the center. I was immediately sweating and both eyes were pouring water. It took about 30 minutes before I could walk after. My entire body vibrated for about 4 hours, it was like I could feel all the blood riding through every vein. My head didn’t stop spinning for about 6 hours. It ruined my entire day. I could not ride anything until that night. NEVER AGAIN.

    1. Fiona

      Sounds exactly like my experience, just after it opened. I have no pre- existing conditions and don’t suffer from motion sickness. I have NEVER felt so ill in my life and concentrated so hard no not being sick. My Mother didn’t go on and said she had never seen me look so ill. It took at least 2 hours before I could carry on around the park and as usual, a huge quantity of strawberry ice cream to stop the nausea. I still feel sick at the mention of that ride and avoid the area because I don’t need to be reminded of how lousy I felt.

  17. Ed Marks

    If you know the ride like mission space makes you sick then don’t go on it. Disney should not tone it down or get rid of it just to make a select number of people that get sick happy because that is not the majority of guests.


    Hell of a ride. If you don’t heed the sign, your at fault for up chucking.

  19. rteker

    I’ve been on both sides of the ride and the ONLY way anyone could get dizzy at least is if they turn their head to look around the ‘cabin’ as the ride is in motion. I know this first hand cause I had turned my head and I was so dizzy for most of the day. So when you ride this ride, keep your head looking forward and you’ll be fine.

  20. J.C.

    I was stuck in my shuttle for the green version or the ride. It was a minimum of 45 minutes for them to free us, and it brought back severe anxiety and claustrophobia for me. There was a dad and his two young kids stuck with me and they also struggled while we waited. You have no way to release yourself from the pod in case of an emergency. It is a death trap waiting to happen. The entire experience nearly ruined my entire vacation. The warning of claustrophobia didn’t also include the high probability of being stuck in the ride with no way to communicate with the outside world. I can handle an enclosed space for a solid 10-15 minutes without issue. I didn’t sign up for what happened.

  21. Sparky17

    I worked on this ride 20 years ago at creation, and is to this day the only ride at Disney World I will not ever ride!

  22. Pony

    I first rode MISSION SPACE in 2009 when I was 51 years old, with severe medical issues and a history of neck injuries.
    I was fully aware of the potential for motion sickness.

    I loved every bit of it. Closest I’ll ever come to being an astronaut.

    I agree with some others: just because YOU can’t handle it doesn’t mean you get to demand its removal. There are plenty of other attractions you can enjoy without being a snowflake and ruining a great ride for the majority of guests.

  23. GARY

    LOVE the Orange ride!. I am 80 years old and am in excellent health. IF I had medical issues & read the WARNING signs, I obviously would NOT ride it. You are spinning at around 30 MPH, but with the film it DOES give one the impression of moving much faster & not in a circle. DO NOT take your eyes off the screen. THAT is when some folks have serious issues, If one has ANY suspicion that they MIGHT get sick. DO NOT RIDE it. MANY other rides in EPCUT.

  24. AG

    Just don’t swing your head around and you’ll be fine. Looking around can induce motion sickness.

  25. Jaybro

    Oh boy! So I made the incredible mistake of following my good friends to the Orange side. I didn’t realize I would have claustrophobia! The second we boarded after those boarding doors closed and we were about to launch, I had a MASSIVE panic attack. I do not recommend this in case you’re reading this if you even remotely have claustrophobia. I never got nauseous but do not EVER take your eyes off the screen! The most you should avert your eyes are to the controls right below in order to do your tasks. As long as you concentrate fully on the monitor and take some deep breaths you should be ok. I don’t recommend this ride for tall people. So awkward. Hope it helps!

    1. Tammy

      I’m claustrophobic too but LOVE this ride. I have found that if you tell the cast member they can put you in the vehicle that gets closed up last. That way I was able to ride. It’s still a tough 30 seconds or so before the ride actually starts but I aim the air vent at my face and talk to myself to remain calm.

  26. Mo

    Had my barf bag in hand, thought for sure I was going to use it. Never again will I ride it! Rest of my family was wise not to attempt it.

  27. Dfig

    I went on this ride when it first opened with my family. When the ride took off my son became very quiet, so when I called his name, he didn’t respond. Motherly instinct, I made the mistake of turning my head to check on him to see if he was ok. It took everything for me to put my head back. I tried to focus on the controls, but my head was spinning. When the ride was over I felt very nauseous and dizzy. Unfortunately for me it was the first ride we went on When we got there that morning! When we got off I was still so dizzy and nauseous that I told my family to continue Epcot without me and leave me on one of the benches! Needless to say I missed all of Epcot the entire day! I didn’t feel better until late that night!
    The G-Force is real!!

  28. Tim

    Now I have a question for everyone that has ridden both sides. Is the movie the same and what thrill is there? As I only ride the Orange because I like feeling the Gs.

  29. Tim

    I’m an in shape healthy man, and this is the only ride I won’t ride again at Disney. Besides being nauseated for three hours after, the capsules are very claustrophobic so it’s a no for me.

  30. Donny R

    No more orange for me on this ride. I had planned to join my wife on Soarin’ after Mission Space orange. Just couldn’t do it. Felt queasy for a few hours afterward. Passed on lunch, too. As interesting as this ride is, I’m done. Funny thing, my wife and I have a personal record of 5 times in a row on Tower of Terror, with no issues. Who would think?

  31. Brett Faber

    I don’t think Disney could warn you any more than they already do! In fact, every time I ride it (and I love it!), all the warning signage freaks me out so bad I almost don’t ride it! People just need to read and know their limitations!

  32. Janice

    I went on the ride when they previewed it! There was only one option for the ride. I LOVED IT! I had to keep my eyes straight forward through it or I could see me getting queasy on it. I have gone on it many times since then and have never gotten sick. I was surprised when they had two versions of the ride later on. The trick is to NOT look to either side and stay focused on the screen directly in front of you.

  33. Deb R

    I have been on Mission Space a few times. Felt a little queasy afterwards, but recovered quickly. The child that died had an underlying heart condition that wasn’t diagnosed. I would imagine most that have issues may have an underlying condition that they didn’t know about. Good luck and happy health.

  34. Stephanie

    I love the mission in Space it’s my favorite ride. I always go on the orange side for the G force

  35. Alex

    There are so so so many warnings before you get on. And you know when they are providing “softer/easier” version of the ride, the “harder/more harsh” version will not be a kind one. In the end, you should know your body the best. If you are iffy about it, go to the ride exit and watch the people coming out, then decide. Or try the green one first and see you think you can handle the orange. If you get motion sick on planes, probably not a one for you.

  36. Ruthann

    My husband and I (70 pus) rode this when it opened. There were only the usual warning signs. The real warning came when you realized there were barf-bags. It was a bad experience. I kept pushing all the buttons hoping to be ejected. The problem was they didn’t warn about the spinning. Your eyes tell you you are moving forward or up and down. Your brain knows better. And the conflict makes you sick. (They tell you not to close your eyes – and that is ALL you want to do.) We survived but it took awhile for my husband to get his color back – and for my legs to stop shaking. He is a roller coaster devotee, not me. We do not think the ride should be eliminated. Educating people about HOW the ride works should help. This winter we proudly waited while our grandson (14) rode the ride – orange of course. He liked it.

  37. Batty

    We did the orange one despite the cast members telling us this is way too intense. We all were okay during the ride but right after we all felt super nauseous and dizzy. ThankGod this was last on our list so exited the park right after.. only advise to people would be to do it last so you don’t spoil your day if you end up sick

  38. Darrell

    I was in my 60’s when I rode Mission Space Orange. No problem. It just didn’t seem that bad. I have suffered a heart attack since that trip and being cautious I went green the last time.

  39. Larry Lewis

    The green made me sick and I will never do it again.

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