Disney Takes Risk With ‘Evil-Dead’ Style Horror Film

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Kid terrified of ghosts in The Haunted Mansion trailer

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Disney is digging up old bones and returning to the Gracey Manor when the new Haunted Mansion film premieres this July. However, fans expecting a jaunty Doom Buggy ride with the Happy Haunts are going to be in for a spectral shocker after they see the new trailer. Disney might be taking a huge risk by going a more macabre route with this adaptation

The exterior of The Haunted Mansion at night.
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The Haunted Mansion is an immensely popular attraction no Disney Park could be without. From Disneyland and Walt Disney World to Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland, nearly all have some variation of a mysterious manor where supernatural things occur. While a film adaptation has been done before, this variation is taking a far different approach.

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The trailer for the new Haunted Mansion is loaded with easter eggs and references to the original ride at Disneyland, but it’s hard to say this will be an entirely family-friendly attraction. Judging by the surprisingly intense jumpscares, the ne adaptation feels less like an Eddie Murphy comedy and more like a Sam Raimi slasher film.

The trailer might start off with some very Beetlejuice-like vibes, but that Disney logo melts away the minute Constance Hatchaway gets in her jumpscares. The antics of Danny DeVito, Owen Wilson, and the Hatbox Ghost are nearly glossed over as the demented bride bursts through the mirror.

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While many will applaud Disney for going full dark with this film, it might not do them any favors with families. The film has already been slapped with a PG-13 rating, but that might not be enough of a warning for some viewers.

Disney is taking a massive risk by playing this card. Although there’s a good chance it might pay off, they might not recover from it if the film follows the pattern of recent Disney flops. We might even be looking at another Black Cauldron scenario.

Haunted Mansion Trailer Dropped today
Credit: Disney

The original ride had its intentionally scary moments that spooked more than a few riders in its time, but the movie is pushing itself into Phantom Manor territory. That might be a good thing for some, but how many crying kids will it take to get parents in an uproar?

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Right from the trailer, this incarnation of the Haunted Mansion has jumpscares, death, decay, and a twisted sense of humor fit for an Evil Dead sequel. It’s no Crimson Peak, but Disney is definitely playing with some new supernatural forces in this version.  Haunted Mansion is set to debut July 28, 2023, and Inside the Magic will continue to post updates until then.

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