Guests Confirm Parents Are Disney’s Biggest Problem

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While “Disney Adults” have recently been called out as one of the biggest problems facing the Disney Parks, it might be that the parents of unruly children are the bigger threat. Inside the Magic has covered the subject before, but now fans are responding with their takes on the matter.

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Walt Disney World sees thousands upon thousands of visitors walk through its gates each day, and a large majority of those Guests are all families with young children. While some kids can become easily agitated and unruly, their parents aren’t much better.

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After publishing our coverage, many Disney fans took to Inside the Magic’s Facebook page with their accounts of both parents and children putting the kibosh on their magical day.

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“Matthew” writes,

“What I remember is they use their kid as an excuse to get special treatment and claim their child is miserable when the kid is content.”

Not only are some parents’ behavior entitled, but they can be downright dangerous. “Brandy” shares what she witnessed when she adds,

“My favorite is woman walking around in 95+ degree heat with an infant that is so small it looks like they just left the hospital and decided to go to Disney on the way home. That is so dangerous for babies.”

And humorously, “Connie” adds,

“I have no kids, but what I have seen is, kid is absolutely awesome UNTIL they get into the park. Then it’s kicking mascots, throwing food, in general just being a Scurvy Brat. Per Captain Hook.”

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As of writing, there are currently 100 comments from many users who share similar trains of thought, and some even point out that Disney Parents, Disney Adults, and even kids at Disney are all equally guilty. While there are many perspectives and points of view, “Jill” brings it all together when she writes,

“There isn’t just one age group/type of Disney Parks guest that’s the worst. In every age group, category, young, old, and so you have the entitled “I’m paying a ton of money for this vacation so that makes me better than all of you” guests that think they deserve everything from everyone around them. Newsflash, everyone at the parks is paying through the nose for their vacation too…”


“Just because you’re under the delusion that you’re paying more than everyone else around you doesn’t make it okay for you to cut in front of others at parades/shows, stay beyond your time at a meet and greet or demand special treatment from cast members and other guests. These guests, if they have children, tend to have unruly (entitled) children in tow.”

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Disney was created and designed to bring out the kid in all of us, but some Guests truly need to reevaluate their perspectives. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating. The Disney Parks are the happiest places on earth, so plan accordingly.

Do you think entitled parents are the problem? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!


in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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