Disney Adults Aren’t the Problem, Disney Parents Are

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The Disney Parks are home to some incredible, unforgettable, and downright magical experiences, and they are meant to be enjoyed by Guests of all ages. From the young to the young at heart, there’s always something for everyone at Disney. While some older audiences have recently gotten some flack for engaging and participating in the fun, only a certain faction of Disney adults might be the real problem.

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The term “Disney Adult” is often used in a derogatory situation, referring to Disney fans older than their late teens who still enjoy the delightful cartoonish whimsy the brand is known for. Even Walt Disney himself  defended the “oldsters” who came to Disneyland in the ’50s and ’60s. However, it might be the case that only one portion of the fanbase is what gives it such a bad rep in some circles.

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A post on r/WaltDisneyWorld had Disney Park Guests naming off their “Disney Icks,” things at the Parks that upset them or gross them out. While their were several comments pertaining to gnarly subjects like body odor, bathroom conditions, and other such matters, many complaints are directed at unhappy and unruly parents who come for a family vacation.

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People are quick to burn Disney Adults at the stake for Disneybounding, going to the Parks alone and without children, or simply enjoying an animated feature, but the real problem lies with parents who can’t control their young while on Disney property. These same people are the ones who are salty about childless millennials buying Mickey pretzels while their own kids are running rabid around the Magic Kingdom.

u/moonbunnychan shares their biggest ick when they write,

“People letting their kids run around in general in places where it’s super inappropriate like a restaurant.”

A simple statement, but one that sparks a discussion that bleeds through many comment threads on the original post.

toy story land at disney's hollywood studios
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u/SeirraS9 writes their account of what they witnessed at Hollywood Studios by adding,

“Saw a guy letting his toddler run around Woody’s Lunchbox seating area totally barefoot. What the hell is wrong with people? Not only is is super gross and unhygienic, but the ground has to be hot because Toy Story Land is hotter than the surface of the sun in the middle of the day.”

If you’ve ever been to places like the Magic Kingdom on a busy day, you’ll undoubtedly know about the persistent clouds of bubbles from kids using bubble wands at random intervals. It’s such a common occurrence that many Guests are likely to relate to u/annadownya when they write,

“I hate when they are waving the bubble wands around in restaurants and the soap gets in my food. I understand bubbles are a Disney staple, and most of the time I find them fun. But the least you can do is put them away around food for a few minutes.”

Some readers will be quick to say that this isn’t an adult problem, it’s a kid problem. While that statement might be true to a certain extent, some of the responsibility does lie with the parents who refuse to do anything to reel in their unruly behavior.

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u/bunnydewdrop shares their take on the matter when they write,

 “I will say my ICK is the parents that don’t correct their kids – for example- a little boy kept stepping on my heel while in line. The first time I just looked down and smiled because of course it was probably an accident. Well he kept doing it! A whole 25 min! The parents made eye contact with me several times and did nothing…”

To that point, u/IamNotYourMouse punctuates the matter of kids and parents by saying their “ick” is,

“Screaming kids AND screaming parents. It’s the happiest place on earth, act like it.”

Fans, Guests, and everyone in between can go back and forth over and over about the bad behavior from Disney Guests and their kids, but it’s honestly wild how much of this behavior comes from the “responsible adults” in the party. While the stereotypical Disney Adult might have their own cringe-worthy behaviors on occasion, Disney parents are capable of a lot worse.

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u/No_1_that_U_Know hits the nail right on the head when they share their “ick,”

“Biggest ick. People that judge DINKs at the parks. Like yeah I’m here to have fun with my wife and spend our money on something other than kids. Good on you for having kids if that’s what you wanted we didn’t or couldn’t MYOB…”

It can be so easy to label Disney Adults as the biggest problem in the Disney fandom, as a majority of Disney parents logically fall into that category. However, poor attitudes and unruly kids are some of the quickest ways to take the magic out of any trip to Walt Disney World. Disney was designed for families, but that doesn’t mean they have free reign.

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