Divisive Disney World Ride Makes Shocking Return to Park

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kali river rapids

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One of Walt Disney World’s most divisive attractions ever has made a shocking return to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Walt Disney World is home to so many incredible rides, attractions, and experiences, all of which range from slow-moving family rides to intense adventures that will please all thrill-seekers.

However, there’s one ride that seems to divide Walt Disney World fans the most, and it involves a lot of water.

Guests experiencing Kali River Rapids, Disney ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Disney World
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Sure, Guests could always take a “splash” on Splash Mountain, but Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a whole other animal.

To many, this ride is a fun-filled adventure, and for others, it’s a miserable experience that will leave you soaked for the rest of the day. If you’re not willing to get a little wet, you may want to avoid this one, as it has the chance to drench you in water. We constantly see people avoid this attraction while others look forward to cooling off on those hot and humid Florida days.

Trust us, it’s not just a more intense Splash Mountain. You may end up exiting the ride looking like you jumped in the pool. Thankfully, Guests have other great rides and attractions to choose from at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, like Expedition Everest, DINOSAUR, and of course, Avatar Flight of Passage.

Kali River Rapids
Credit: Disney

Kali River Rapids closed earlier this year on January 9 and was set to be closed until March 17. But Disney has surprised Guests today, with the attraction up and running as of Monday, February 27.

Kali River Rapids is back open nearly three full weeks ahead of schedule, something that we never see happen at the Disney Parks or Resorts. We aren’t sure why Disney was able to bring this ride back so early, but we’re excited to see it make a return.

Of course, Disney’s Animal Kingdom also hosts Pandora – The World of Avatar and other rides and attractions like Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and DINOSAUR.

Do you enjoy this ride? Why or why not? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below. 

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