Gov. DeSantis Heads to Disney to Officially Takeover Reedy Creek

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Following months of turmoil and controversy, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is officially putting pen to paper.

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It has just been revealed that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will be visiting Reedy Creek Fire Station Monday morning to sign the state takeover legislation into law.

This comes nearly a year after The Walt Disney Company’s involvement with Gov. DeSantis’ highly controversial Parental Rights in Education bill, more commonly called the “Don’t Say Gay ” bill. Because of this conflict, DeSantis and other republican legislators have been pushing for the state of Florida to takeover Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Following The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek’s divisive statement against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” Republican politicians from around the country spoke out against the Walt Disney Company, the most prominent figure being Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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The Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967 allows Walt Disney World Resort to pay for and operate its municipal services privately, essentially letting the Resort act on its own.

In the last few weeks, it became clear that this state takeover would actually happen, with the state of Florida and Disney seemingly coming to an agreement. Now, Gov. DeSantis is heading to Disney to sign this into law. Greg Angel of Spectrum News 13 shared the information on Twitter moments ago:

Gov. Ron DeSantis will be at a Reedy Creek Fire Station this morning. He’s expected to sign legislation into law effectively taking state control of Walt Disney World’s long time self governing district. Back Story:

With Gov. DeSantis visiting Reedy Freek today, we can expect some changes to happen very soon. A few weeks ago, legislators signed a bill into law that would allow the state to take over the district.

The full bill can be read here, but just a heads up, it’s a cool 189 pages, so it may take quite a while to get through.

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