Bloody Tampons and More Gross Guests Out at Walt Disney World

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When most Disney Park Guests venture to the Magic Kingdom and more in Orlando, they’re typically expecting flying elephants, princesses, pirates, and Meet and Greets with Mickey and friends. However, some visitors have noticed more than a few social and environmental factors that make them want to hurl. Walt Disney World might be the place where dreams come true, but it’s also a good place to lose your lunch.

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In its natural state, the Walt Disney World Resort is normally pretty pristine when it comes to sanitation. In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, Disney made leaps and bounds in terms of keeping everything clean. However, many Guests shared their accounts of gross behavior and conditions in a recent Reddit post, and the results were far from magical.

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Anaheim’s advantage over Orlando is the lack of Florida’s humidity and heat. It’s not just seasonably warm down there, it’s a sticky, muggy mess that clings and lingers. Since most humans typically sweat when they spend a long amount of time in the Florida sunshine, this poses a particularly common problem for many Guests.

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When asked what their “Disney World Ick” was, u/GoHollyLightly wrote,

“The monorail odor after picking up sweaty and stinky park goers in the afternoon. OMG. It’s the worst funk and we are all trapped in the monorail tube together breathing each others BO.”

Many commenters share similar responses, and some Guests plainly compare the odor of a packed monorail car to that of human urine, a barn, and circus sans Dumbo.

Of course, there are worse things than the unavoidable matter of profuse perspiration. u/Useful-Inspection954 shares their grotesque discovery at EPCOT when they add,

“Somebody removed a bloody tampon and left it on the toilet. When the waste basket was right next to the toilet. This was in the handicap/companion bathroom at Epcot Land pavilion.

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Additionally, used tampons aren’t the only grievance Guests have found with Disney’s bathrooms. A disturbingly consistent amount of visitors have a major issue with Disney World’s toilet paper issue.

u/ksmR34 writes,

“The first thing that came to my mind was the barely 1-ply toilet paper all over Disney. Absolutely terrible.”

And u/Ruadhan2300 adds,

“I just realized I somehow managed to spend two weeks in Florida and only pooped at the hotel before and after each day. I never used a cubical in the parks.”

Honestly, it’s unsettling how persistent of a problem this is for a place like Walt Disney World.

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The previous selection of comments was definitely a gnarly subject, but it doesn’t stop there, and adult visitors aren’t the only offenders in the mix either. As many frequent Park-goers will undoubtedly know, sometimes younger Guests can be capable of some pretty queasy things too.

u/thewalkingellie comments,

“I feel like I’ve been seeing more and more posts lately of parents having their kids just urinate in random spots in the parks. Bushes in EPCOT and cups while waiting in line for a ride. ICK.”

Of course, some adult Disney Park Guests have been caught doing the same thing, and the gross behavior from kids doesn’t just stop there.
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Kids are germ magnets, pure and simple. That’s not intended as derogatory or an offensive statement, it’s just how some children are. However, sometimes they can often effect the magical experience of other Guests.

u/maxwellstart writes,

“Kids running hands on the chains and rails between serpentine lines. I just think of how many hands have been on those things. And climbing/sitting on rails.”

And u/Seirra59 adds,

“Saw a guy letting his toddler run around woody’s lunchbox seating area totally barefoot. What the hell is wrong with people? Not only is is super gross and unhygienic, but the ground has to be hot because Toy Story Land is hotter than the surface of the sun in the middle of the day.”

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Whether it’s Guest behavior, conditions, or state of an area, Disney seems to be losing a bit of its magical sparkle. It does in the eyes of these Park-goers at any rate. The question is, how much of the blame lies with the Parks and how much lies with Guests who seriously need to do better in terms of hygiene and etiquette?

The opinions expressed in this article by Guests do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Inside the Magic as a whole. No Guest Experience is alike and Disney Cast Members attempt to make every trip to Walt Disney World magical.

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