Fans Call For Monorail “Expansion” at Walt Disney World

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Disney's Contemporary Resort at night with a monorail running through the lobby

Credit: Disney

There are several ways to get around the Walt Disney World Resort, but none are quite as eye-catching as the monorail or Skyliner. Both forms of transport are uniquely designed and provide exceptional views of the Parks and resorts, but are they really as magical as the media claims them to be? Some Guests believe that they aren’t living up to their full potential.

Epcot at night
Credit: Disney

The monorail has routes connecting the resorts to Parks like the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. The Skyliner offers a similar route for the resorts between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. However, some Guests have found that both forms of transport aren’t catering to nearly enough visitors or Disney hotels.

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When asked what changes they would make to improve things at Walt Disney World on a recent Reddit post, a few Guests shared the mindset that the Parks transportation system could use a much-needed expansion. While constructing this concept would be a bit of an eyesore to make it happen, the users make some good points regarding its benefits.

u/kycatalyst has a lot to say on the matter when they write,

“[Disney] Could have a monorail line the goes from Travel/Ticket center, Coronado Springs, maybe Blizzard beach, the All-Stars (one stop), Animal Kingdom Lodge, Animal Kingdom, back to Coronado springs and up to the TTC. Then either expand out Epcots Monorail to Port Orleans, Saratoga Springs, and Old Key West or run a Skyliner route from them to Caribbean Beach hub.”

To which u/kgaviation replies,

“Coronado Springs is such a nice resort that only has buses as transportation. Also, it’s the most centrally located resort. It baffles me how they don’t have something else like the Skyliner at least. A boat would be really nice, but don’t think it’s possible.”

Yellow, red, and green skyliner gondolas sail with Disney's Hollywood Studios in the far distance.
Credit: Disney

Both users make excellent points, especially considering Disney’s “central resort” doesn’t have more than the buses getting its Guests to and from multiple Parks. It feels like the better business move to give Guests choosing to stay in the nicer resorts better and more convenient theme park access.

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On one hand, this would take an endless amount of construction, something Disney is still struggling with in EPCOT. On the other, it would definitely draw more Guests and fans to some of their other resorts. It’s a fan speculation, but one with more merit than some might think. Disney should definitely pay attention.

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