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Disney's Contemporary Resort at night with a monorail running through the lobby

Credit: Disney


  1. Royz

    Yes, definately Monorail expansion.

    However this is been ongoing for years. Expansion of the monorail system at one point was looked into, but the ground was not stable enough in areas that the expansion was going to be put into.

    Expanding the monorail into the Springs would be great which could connect via expansion of Epcot monorail.station.

    The Skyliner was a bit surprising to see that green lit and come to.fruition, especially when MK had the Skyway in the 70’s but was put out of service due to weather issues. The new Skyliner has had some hiccups but is a more stable mode of transport than the original skyway. Possibly expansion of the Skyliners to and from other resorts.

    An expansion for the Skyliner from Disneys Old Keywest, Saratoga, Port Orleans, Riverside Resorts, and loop into the Springs.

    For DHS the Skyliner is great, but a more “themed” mode.of transportation would have been the Red Car Trolley from Who Framed Roger Rabbit going in and out of the DHS from an old time station up.onto elevated track trestle to a destiantion point such as Epcot.

    However in some areas the lack of monorail could be ultimately due to the themeing of the area as well. Expand the MK.monorail loop., a branch line to.cover Ft Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge, but how would that look per the area themeing?

    Definately could see the necessity for a monorail branch line from TTC to AK and back with a station at AKL.

  2. Nan

    People, honestly??!! Yes, loads of things would be awesome but the cost will be the stopping point. Have you seen the new Diz?? They’re never going to spend the enormous cost of this until and unless, they start focusing on guest experience and stop lining pockets of the big shots. Good luck with that. Let me know if, when this happens. Lol

  3. Mickeymouse3

    Personally, I would like to see a walking path from Animal Kingdom Lodge to Animal Kingdom theme park. As I understand it, the pathway would be slightly longer than the distance from the boardwalk to Hollywood Studios. A skyliner connection would be cool too. Both would beat waiting for bus service.


    Expand it to Disney Springs and maybe Animal Kingdom.

  5. Marc T

    As much as I (and probably most people). Would love to see some kind of monorail expansion, it probably will never happen it’s dollars being the biggest holdback, but if they truly want to keep that Disney guest experience at a level that the prices they charge deserve, the Skyliner expansion to Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom is a more realistic solution

  6. Mrgeek33

    I think expanding the canal would be the best and cheapest option for Disney. Honestly how hard is it to dig a hole a few feet deep and 30 ft wide?

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