Disney Cast Members Show How “Damaging” Guest Behavior Can Be

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If you’ve been keeping up with recent social media posts regarding the Disney Parks, you’ll know that Guest behavior has gotten out of control in recent months. From visitors messing around with props and leaping out of ride vehicles to outright spitting on Cast Members, it’s an epidemic of rude and disrespectful attitudes.

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To put it in the crudest of terms, this sort of activity isn’t appropriate behavior for some of the most magical places on earth. The Disney Parks are happy places, and Guests need to get with that mindset. Not only are these rowdy and destructive visitors making complete fools of themselves for social media clout, but they’re also ruining the Disney experience for Guests who actually want to be there. Visitors who pay thousands of dollars for a Disney trip are having their joy robbed by stupid behavior from guests looking to get a cheap laugh.

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It’s become such an enormous problem that some dedicated fans are calling for Disney to take disciplinary action on rude guests who continuously break Disney rules. One former Cast Member, TikTok user @dappermanatee, had some very passionate thoughts on the subject, and responded with this TikTok video.


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@dappermanatee makes several good points, including how damaging some Guest behaviors can be. Addressing the plight of the customer service worker isn’t a comparison that has gone unnoticed by fans, and most would definitely be in agreement that aggressive actions need aggressive consequences. When Guests are assaulting character performers and Cast Members, a walkout and a temporary ban should definitely be an expected consequence. If the current reports of bad Guest interactions don’t taper off sometime soon, Disney may have to take some extreme measures to ensure a safe and magical experience for all Guests in the Parks.

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Cast Members are the ones that make the magic happen day in and day out. From the custodial staff to the character performers, the Parks simply wouldn’t function without this highly talented team of individuals making sure things are functioning and up to code, yet certain visitors continue to treat them like garbage. If Disney values their staff and wants to keep the Parks from sinking further and further into the mire, steps will be taken to prevent further incidents.

Do you think Disney needs to take disciplinary action against rude Guests? Tell us in the comments below!

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