Fans Argue Over Best Disney Moments

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Maestro Mickey in front of Cinderella Castle

There’s a lot that goes into making a trip to Disney absolutely magical.

There are two Disney theme parks in the United States, Disneyland in California, and Walt Disney World in Florida. Between the scenery, the ambiance, and even the smells, everything is curated specifically to help make the most of your vacation.

Disney Live in Concert! Holiday Music Celebration
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One of the most underrated aspects to Disney theming is the music. Songs that are a part of childhood movies, songs that are stuck in your head after a long day in the Parks, or musical tunes you can’t help but hum along to, music is a major part of Disney. A recent Reddit thread draws attention to this by asking users what the best Walt Disney World song is.

Responses ranged from ride songs to parade music to Park loops found in different Parks. The highest-rated comment came from u/spankyredbottom,

“It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.”

carousel of progress
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Several people agreed in the comments. “It’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow” is the main song from Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland. The ride, which debuted at the 1964 World Fair and was heralded as a feat of technological advancement, is about the marvels of technology and the potential of the future.

Other users, like u/WellDressedLobster, mentioned IllumiNations,

“The entirety of IllumiNations Reflections of Earth is the best score I’ve ever heard for anything ever.”

Another commenter agreed, mentioning that the narration at the beginning of the score is “incredible.” IllumiNations: Reflections of the Earth was the evening fireworks show at EPCOT that ran from 1999 to 2019. A soundtrack set to pyrotechnics, water displays, and an LED show around the globe and World Showcase, IllumiNations has since been replaced by a few different firework shows.

main street electrical parade
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Two separate users mentioned the music from the Main Street Electrical Parade that ran nightly on and off until being retired and moved to Disneyland in 2016 and the Boo to You! soundtrack from the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party parade.

With the variety of answers, not just song choices, but also where the music comes from (ride, parade, or show), it just proves that Disney magic means something different to everyone. Each Guest has their own memories and criteria of what makes something special. Disney is a combination of a lot of little factors working together to paint a bigger picture, but each piece is incredibly important.

What is your favorite Walt Disney World song? Tell us in the comments!

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