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Any Disney Parks fan knows that Disney loves to appeal to all the senses, but sometimes they just miss the sounds of their favorite parks.

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From the smellitizers that pump Main Street full of popcorn and cotton candy scents to the optical sorcery of Go Away Green hiding the utility doors, Disney knows how to brilliantly ensnare a Guest’s eyes, ears, and noses to borderline manipulate them into falling under their magical spell. Joking aside, the sensory play of the Disney Parks is something fans carry around in their brains long after they get back from their trip. Far too often do seasoned Park-Hoppers find themselves missing their favorite attractions, but soundtracks are a great way to remedy that case of Post-Disney Blues.


The Magic Kingdom: Magic Kingdom Entrance Loop

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Starting with one of the more obvious choices, the Magic Kingdom is the heart and soul of Walt Disney World, and that’s a fact that becomes exceedingly prominent from the moment guests walk through the gates. This enchanting composition features a medley of magical Disney tunes that can all be heard throughout the Park. From the “Mickey Mouse March” to a haunting rendition of “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” it’s a great way to get into a classic Disney mood.

Epcot: Fountain View Area Loop

Spaceship Earth
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Epcot’s soundtrack is certainly hard to define, as the Park caters to so many varying tastes. However, there is one loop that greatly blends this fusion of elements from the synthetic symphonies of Future World to the melting pot of music from the iconic World Showcase. The Fountain View Area loop serves as a bridge between the two themes which make up Epcot, that of science and technology with that of a multicultural blend of sensations. Hearing these dulcet tones will undoubtedly take many dedicated fans right to the foot of Spaceship Earth.

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Animal Kingdom: Tree of Life BGM

Tree of Life
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If there’s one icon that can immediately be associated with Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it’s the Tree of Life. The blend of acoustic music with the sounds of nature and animal calls perfectly represents the Park’s dedication to zoological and ecological conservation with the magic of Disney. Those Park fans looking to unwind, let go, and feel at ease certainly wouldn’t be remiss for having this one on in the background after a busy day.

Hollywood Studios: Hollywood Studios Entrance Loop

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When it comes to anything involving Hollywood, a big entrance is always the way to go. There is perhaps no better way to step foot onto Sunset Boulevard than with this big, brassy, swing medley of classic Disney songs. The fusion of Disney classics with the Benny-Goodman-esque sounds of the Golden Age of Tinsel Town perfectly captures the vibe of Hollywood Studios in general. The loop just hits with a happy jazz motif like nothing else, and it’s sure to make any Disney Park fan feel like a star.

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Disney Springs: Disney Springs Area Music Loop

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The name “Disney Springs” typically means one thing to most Guests, enchanting nightlife with a Disney twist, which is precisely what this loop offers. Similar to Hollywood Studios’ swinging tunes, the background music for the Springs features contemporary nightclub-styled takes on Disney songs like “Friend Like Me,” “Almost There” and “Hakuna Matata.” Whether just as some chill tunes playing outside their favorite store, or in the background for a big slice of Disney magic away from the parks, it’s sure to scratch that modern magical itch.

Do you listen to any Disney Parks Loops? Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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