Should Disney World Ban Gum Completely?

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Walt Disney World Resort has a strict code of conduct that all Guests must abide by. In recent years, the Central Florida Disney Park has updated its rules in response to increased violence and attempts to circumvent the policies. But Guest behavior has an impact on Disney Cast Members’ reactions to rule-breaking, too. Last year, a TikTok trend forced the Disney Parks to adjust their response to Dress Code violations after Guests were purposefully violating clothing rules to get a free shirt.

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Some Disney Parks fans want stricter rules at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs. On Reddit this week, users discussed the lack of gum for sale at the Disney Parks. Ever notice a lack of tacky gum under the tables at Walt Disney World Resort? Disney Parks famously don’t sell gum to avoid custodians scraping it off the ground and other surfaces every night. However, Guests are welcome to bring in their own chewing gum.

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Many wanted Walt Disney World Resort to start selling gum, while others insisted Disney Resort Guests should be prevented from bringing it in themselves. “Disney hates gum! Not only can you not buy it anywhere at WDW— you can’t even buy any at the Orlando airport!” Reddit user u/StinkypieTicklebum warned. “If you want to be chewing gum at WDW, you had better carry it from home.”

“I still step in gum, every single time I’m there,” u/ctrum69 said. “Imagine how bad it would be if you could buy it in the park.”

“Having been the recipient of used gum on my shorts and sandals… Good for Disney for not selling it,” u/Mrs_TikiPupuCheeks agreed.

Should Walt Disney World rules ban gum, or should they start selling it freely? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments.

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