Disney’s Latest Resort-Wide Rule May Not Actually Be Enforced

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The magic of Disney Parks might not be so magical if they don’t enforce their new Disney World rule.

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Walt Disney World Resort has been around since 1971, and Guests have flown across the world to see the beauty and wonder in the Parks. With access to many different experiences across the theme parks full of great rides, delicious food and fantastic shows, any family can have a great time. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park are some of the four Disney Parks that attract millions every year.

Unfortunately, the magical moments can be ruined due to Guests doing terrible things like vandalizing rides, starting fights with other Guests, assaulting Cast Members. Or saying terrible things to other Guests, such as racial slurs. These actions can easily ruin someone’s experience, and 2022 proved that the chances of having a terrible Guest in the Parks is higher than one would think.

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With over a dozen fights posted online and going viral, Disney knew something had to be done. So they created a new courtesy rule for the Parks. On their official website, in the “Know Before You Go” section, Disney World Guests can view the rule and see what it says.

Disney doesn’t hold back as they state all Guests must be respectful and “be the magic [they] want to see”, warning anyone who doesn’t follow the rule that they can be asked to leave. This seems like great news for anyone traveling to Central Florida to visit the Walt Disney World Resort, but is the rule being enforced? Some Guests don’t feel this way.

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As shared online, some Guests consider the Parks full of bad behavior and several share their thoughts. Now with Genie+, there is a lot more time waiting in between rides and experiences than before. One Guest believes that Disney World is too tolerant of the bad behavior, and the main reason is because the Parks doesn’t have enough workers:

“They’re far too tolerant of bad guest behavior. I know the company is too cheap to hire enough workers to actually do anything about it, but that’s part of what makes it an unpopular opinion.”

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Disney did just announce a massive layoff, so there’s more truth to this than one might think after the company revealed it would be letting 7,000 employees go. However, Disney Parks & Resorts Chairperson Josh D’Amaro has stated that he believes the cost-cutting measures will not filter down to the hourly paid Cast Members on the frontline. Another Guest shares that they felt that after COVID hit, Guest’s behavior has gotten far worse, with apparently no one stopping them:

“Is this a new thing? I remember cast members being so vigilant about bad behavior, but since covid I have witnessed smoking and vaping go ignored in the parks. Racist slurs that were ignored. I even saw a child smear an entire icecream into the wall at Ariel’s Grotto right in front of a cast member and nothing was done. Plus, why are vloggers allowed to have selfie sticks?”

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One Guest pointed out that the enforcement of smaller rules like the courtesy rule haven’t normally been enforced when they were at the Parks:

“They don’t appear to enjoy enforcement of their own rules at times. Specifically with things like quiet pools, chair reserving, patio decorating, use of speakerphones in public, Things like that. Small but annoying.”

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Another Guest confessed that if they were a Cast Member, they would let some things slide due to the hard work they do and believes Cast Members should probably get paid more:

“Yeah, but I do understand. If I was a Disney CM right now – underpaid, stretched too thin because of understaffing, still dealing with the world’s leftover pent-up hostility from lockdown – I can’t say I wouldn’t let some things slide just to get through the shift.”

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This new rule is a good move forward for Disney World — and the same has been rolled out at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Southern California — to help families enjoy their time at the Parks as they go to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Park, any beyond. There are many fun places in Disney World with more on the way, such as the TRON Lightcycle / Run attraction, but the magic only happens if Guests don’t have to deal with fights or protecting their kids from seeing inappropriate things.

2023 could change things for the better if the courtesy rule is enforced; Guests can expect the best from everyone unless they want to be kicked out of the Parks. The world isn’t perfect, but other people shouldn’t ruin the fun for a family on vacation.

Do you think the courtesy rule will help fix things? And do you think it is being enforced? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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