Controversial Debate Sparks Between Walt Disney World Fans

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When it comes to the magic of Walt Disney World, there are just some experiences that are universally loved by its fanbase. From rollercoasters to Mickey ears, to Dole Whip, some Disney-centric things have been permanently imprinted on the collective pop culture. However, just because something’s popular doesn’t mean it’s always accurate.

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Disney’s fanbase has always been a vocal group of followers, and they don’t waste any time praising or criticizing the house of mouse. While they’re always quick to jump on the newest ride opening or the latest dessert trend out of EPCOT or Disney Springs, they’re just as quick to throw a huge wedge between themselves on any issue.

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Disney Park Guests recently took to Reddit with their “Unpopular WDW Opinions,” and that brought some controversial views out of the woodwork. That title might seem like a pretty mundane and ordinary conversation starter, but many of the replies will have some fans second guessing themselves on their next Disney vacation.

Some of them are the expected “this is too expensive” or “that’s too much” and other common complaints, but some Guests take a different approach to the mundane and ordinary.

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u/kgaviation writes,

“I actually like the buses. Idk why, but as a kid I always loved riding the buses around WDW. It’s sort of exciting, especially the anticipation of going to the parks in the morning. Even now as an adult, it’s one of my favorite things to do in Disney World. I even find it relaxing sometimes. I know, I’m crazy.”

To which u/TxChampagneMassacre adds,

“I love the busses, especially the way they adjust the vibe during the day. Upbeat music in the morning heading to the park, bedtime tunes and dimmed lights headed back to the resort at night. Always in sync with the mood of the guests.”

While the Parks might be better known for the Walt Disney World Monorail and the high-flying Skyliner, it’s somewhat refreshing to see Guests share an uncommon affection for arguably the most utilized mode of transport.

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Of course, there are some statements that are practically demanded, but with a twist. u/microbrewdrinker adds their two cents by stating,

“I hate It’s a Small World. Almost everything about it, I hate. But my daughter is very young and can’t ride many rides yet. Seeing her face light up for It’s a Small World? Changed my view on that ride. It’ll always have a special little place for me now.”

The things we do for our kids, right?

Te Fiti at EPCOT's Journey of Water Inspired by 'Moana'
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That’s all well and good, but what about some more controversial hot takes? Inside the Magic recently covered a general distaste for Disney using too much of their intellectual property to pull Guests in, namely at EPCOT. However, that might not be a common opinion.

u/nbianco1999 starts by sharing,

“I have no problem with IP based rides. As a fan of Disney movies, I like going on rides inspired by my favorite movies.”

But then u/BottlesforCaps goes into greater detail, especially when they reply with

“They need to have original IP areas/lands, and then fit IP based rides into them, rather than building entire areas based off a single IP(unless it’s a good exception like Star Wars or Toy Story which can carry an entire land itself). That’s the issue I see. Coco doesn’t need an entire land next to frontierland which doesn’t match the aesthetic at all. Coco needs a ride attached to the Mexico pavilion.”


“Disney could easily keep the current theming of their lands by just replacing rides and updating the current infrastructure, rather than nuking them to replace them with entirely IP focused areas.”

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Like the Disney name itself, there are just some things we’ve come to accept from its fans. However, these points of view reframe some previous conceptions. Either way, it certainly complicate’s Disney’s already immense fan following.

What’s your controversial Disney opinion? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!



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