Cosplayer Calls Out Unruly Guest at Disney Park

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Anger in Star Wars

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Cosplaying at the Disney Parks isn’t a new practice. After the 2020 pandemic, many Guests took to dressing up as their favorite characters as Meet and Greets became virtually non-existent. However, a recent incident in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios has given cosplayers a bad name, and the community isn’t happy.


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Recently, a video surfaced of a Guest in a very revealing Mandalorian cosplay involved in a confrontation with a Cast Member portraying a First Order Officer aboard Rise of the Resistance. While this unsurprisingly sparked a vocal response on TikTok and other forms of social media, the cosplay community has also voiced their displeasure at the Guest’s behavior.

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It feels like many Disney Parks Guests have lost their collective minds, especially given the frequency of reports of negative behavior that seems to spew from the Parks on a regular basis. However, while one bad apple doesn’t speak for the entire bunch, it does paint the community in a favorable light. Fortunately, one fellow cosplayer shares their disgust for @southerndisneybelle’s actions.


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@caseysha3 shares their connection with the cosplayer in the video, as well as is thoughts on how their actions affect the community and regular Guests just trying to visit the Park and enjoy all the experiences that Galaxy’s Edge and the Launch Bay have to offer. The TikTok-user goes on to explain how visitors like @southerndisneybelle make things “weird” and “uncomfortable” for every one else in the fandom, and how that makes visiting the Parks harder for those just wanting to show their enjoyment.

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Thanks to cosplayers and super fans who take things way too far, others involved in the fan community are now under heavy surveillance any time they enter the Parks. In case one of them does get disruptive like the scantily-clad Mandalorian, Disney now has to tighten their security and limit the immersion for Guests that are simply trying to get lost in the magic.

While the actions of one should not reflect on a group as a whole, it’s behavior like this that makes regular Park-goers dislike Disney fans. That’s why terms like “Disney Adult” can often lead to a heated debate in the comment section. Rules and guidelines are there for a reason, and one of them is to keep the magic happening for all Guests involved.

Have you seen any weird or uncomfortable Guest behavior at the Disney Parks? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below.

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