Is It Okay to Skip School For a Disney Vacation?

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A Disney trip is the highlight of many kids’ childhoods. Whether it be to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort or Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, a Disney Resort vacation is undoubtedly a magical experience filled with memories to last a lifetime.

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At the same time, Disney Parks are crowded, especially during holidays and summer vacations. To save money and have a little breathing room, many families take their children out of school to visit Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort during off-seasons. But some parents and teachers don’t approve.

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Disney Parks fans discussed the topic on Reddit this week on a thread created by u/ReKang916. “This is ultimately a small period of their lives—IMO it’s okay to prioritize school over the perfect timing of a vacation for a few years,” argued u/nataliablume. “That’s what parents typically do all the time—prioritize what’s best for our kids over our own convenience.”

“We may miss a day or two a year for a long weekend at WDW but we definitely are not miss a whole week for Disney people,” u/sayyyywhat agreed. “Disney is great. We own DVC. We love it. But pretending it’s educational is a joke.”

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But others emphasized the value of family time and learning from travel. “It’s worth it to me to have the memories of Disney, and I know school work will always be there when we get back,” said u/Antique-Sun-6766.

“It’s not a convenience issue for us,” u/ObjectiveSpare9346 explained. “It’s teaching kids that there is more to life then school. It’s teaching them that they can manage their own time.”

And some teachers even signed off on the practice. “Public school teacher here: take your kids out of school to go on vacation. They will learn more from traveling than they will in the classroom,” u/OuroborousBlack wrote.

Would you take your children out of school for a Disney vacation? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments.

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