Disney World’s Open Secret and the Explosive Link It Has to the US Defense Department

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Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

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Disney is known for many things, but they seemingly don’t like advertising their daily need for explosives.

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Walt Disney’s dream was to create a place for all Guests to experience the magic as a family and create dozens of fun-filled memories at the Parks. Even without the legend, Disney aims to recreate that magic daily with many different rides, fireworks, light shows on the water, delicious food and themed lands like Tomorrowland and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to explore.

Walt Disney World has four major Parks with different themed rides and experiences. You can travel to Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park, or even visit the African savannah at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. One thing to note is that any of these Parks in Central Florida offer an excellent experience for the family, which is why millions visit the parks every year, even with the divisive Park Pass reservation system and Disney Genie+ operation still in place.

disney world fireworks
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It’s a place to create memories, make lasting bonds with each other, and have lots of fun. These experiences have a cost and require some ridiculous amount of planning. What is good, though, is that once onsite, certain elements, such as nighttime spectaculars, don’t cost any extra, and these experiences draw huge crowds nightly at a Disney Resort. In Walt Disney World, for example, the 50th anniversary show, Disney Enchantment sets the sky ablaze each night, and soon Happily Ever After will reclaim Cinderella Castle. But there’s a secret behind those mesmerizing nighttime moments.

According to a source looking back at The Walt Disney Company’s dealings, they reminded Guests that only the US Department of Defense spends and acquires more explosives than them. Before you start conspiring that Disney will take over the world by planting bombs everywhere, remember that Disney loves to put on a big show for families.

disney world fireworks rain
Credit: ITM Alessa D.

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They need fireworks. Lots of it. They must spend $40,000 a night for fireworks at Disney World alone. Each year, the company spends over $50 million on just fireworks. In fact, Disney is reportedly the biggest purchaser of fireworks and the second largest purchaser of explosives, getting them shipped from China. It makes sense why Disney needs to have fireworks every night. It’s one of the reasons some Guests make the journey to the Disney Resort.

magicband during fireworks
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

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Disney did create a new system for launching fireworks to be more eco-friendly. Instead of using gunpowder, they created a device that uses air compression to require fewer resources and create fewer pollutants after every show. In the end, Disney’s need for fireworks won’t stop anytime soon, which is why they only come second to the US Department of Defense regarding explosives.

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