Disney Park Under Fire For Use of Fireworks Due to Environmental Concerns

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Wondrous Journeys projections at Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Disney

Fireworks are a quintessential part of the experience at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. But recent social media uproar could lead to the end of firework shows like World of Color at Disney California Adventure and Wondrous Journeys, celebrating Disney100, at Disneyland Park.

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One recent controversy saw an Influencer bring fireworks into Disneyland Park for a photoshoot. Disney Security Cast Members quickly apprehended the Guest. But now, many fans are calling for the Southern California Disney Park to police themselves and stop using fireworks altogether.

World of Color - Season of Light during the holidays at disney california adventure
Credit: Disney

Reddit user u/PlasticBagPatrick wrote:

Disney should do away with fireworks. They are horrible for the environment, terrify local wildlife and pets, can be triggering for veterans. I see plenty of talk about how Autopia should be updated for the pollution but no talk about how the fireworks are dated for the same reason, especially with the smog levels already present in the Los Angeles area.

They have plenty of fun light and water shows; there’s no need for fireworks anymore aside from an appeal to tradition.

Many fans agreed. “I just think fireworks in general are super overrated. Like not just at Disneyland. I’ve never understood the appeal,” u/sidal714 said. “When I’m seeing the fireworks at Disney I’m mostly enjoying the projections/music more.”

World of Color - One, nighttime spectacular coming to Disney California Adventure
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

u/SensitiveDeer suggested a pivot to drone shows, like the one that recently premiered in Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris: “Much quieter, theoretically less expensive in the long run, and they can make so many more shapes and images! They could still have fireworks on special occasions, and Im sure the people living in Anaheim would appreciate not listening to them damn near every night.”

Others said that Disney Parks would never get rid of fireworks. “The reality is that guest surveys have shown them to be a very strong draw for people to stay later which is a large part of Disneys strategy to increase guest spending by encouraging them to spend more on dinner,” said u/piense. “More time in the parks is always more time for people to shop too.”

Sleeping Beauty Castle with Encanto Overlay for Wondrous Journeys, New Disney Nighttime spectacular
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Walt Disney Company is aware of the environmental impact of nightly fireworks shows. In 2004, Disneyland Resort worked with contractors and Disney Imagineers to pioneer fireworks that produce fewer emissions. The patented method uses pressured air instead of black powder to shoot off fireworks, reducing metal emissions and air pollution.

Do you think Disneyland Resort should do away with fireworks? 

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