Highly Anticipated ‘Star Wars’ Project Delayed Due to Quality Concerns

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Cal Kestis with BD-1 watching a sunset over a planet.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment/ Lucasfilm

Star Wars “Jedi: Survivor” apparently needs some more time before the project is finally released.

Cal Kestis getting help from his new friend
Credit: Respawn Entertainment/Lucasfilm

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After Cal Kestis’s first adventure in “Jedi: Fallen Order,” fans instantly fell in love with the young Jedi. His life as a padawan in hiding after his master tragically died made Order 66 more realistic for some fans. The Galactic Empire has no mercy on the Jedi, and the first video game showed how hard it is for a Jedi to survive and live in a world with villains like Darth Vader and Inquisitor hunting them.

Kestis ended the first game by stealing a holocron with a list of force-sensitive children and destroying it. He didn’t want to recreate the Jedi Order only to have the Empire eradicate all the Jedi. Now, Cal Kestis will be facing the full might of the Empire five years later in the sequel — set during the same time as Obi-Wan Kenobi — and fans are very excited for the game’s release, but that won’t happen as soon as everyone expected.

Cal Kestis trying out his new lightsaber
Credit: Respawn Entertainment/Lucasfilm

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Respawn Entertainment released a statement clarifying that the game has been delayed around six weeks and will release at the end of April instead of March 17:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Now Arrives April 28th

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In the statement, Respawn shared that the game needed to have extra time to be polished and ready for players to avoid annoying or game-breaking bugs:

In order for the team to hit the Respawn quality bar, provide the team the time they need, and achieve the level of polish our fans deserve, we have added six crucial weeks to our release schedule – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will now launch globally on April 28th.

Inquisitor fighting Cal Kestis
Credit: Respawn Entertainment / Lucasfilm

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They added that the story told in “Jedi: Survivor” and the overall game is all based on what the players have asked for after the tremendous success of “Jedi: Fallen Order”:

Jedi: Survivor is a direct response to the feedback from our community, delivering expansive destinations to explore, evolved combat and traversal, and of course, the continuation of Cal and BD’s story. Making this game has truly made us a better team, and we have pushed ourselves at every level to make this the Star Wars sequel our fans expect from Respawn and Lucasfilm Games.

Cal Kestis fighting an AT-ST
Credit: Lucasfilm

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While this might be disappointing for some fans, The Mandalorian Season 3 and The Bad Batch Season 2 will still release episodes during March. This should help distract fans long enough and have more free time to experience another adventure with Cal Kestis when the game launches.

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