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Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster at dusk.

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The Incredicoaster is the star of Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort. Formerly California Screamin’, this wooden rollercoaster recently received The Incredibles (2004) treatment to welcome a new generation of Guests!

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Unfortunately, the outdoor coaster has struggled to operate in the last few years. With thousands of Guests riding the attraction daily, a few breakdowns are natural. But an unusually high number of Guests have faced terrifying evacuations from The Incredicoaster.

Signs showing a 15 minute wait time for Incredicoaster.
Credit: Bailee A. Inside the Magic

A few observant Guests took to Reddit this week to explain what they’ve witnessed going wrong with the Pixar-inspired rollercoaster. u/MasterpieceWaste23 wrote:

Mind you the actual ride is still fun and I’m fortunate to have ridden it and not get stuck on it… The tracks are rusting and need a new paint job, the preshow video was frozen, and the audio track was glitching out on us. Music wasn’t playing and the dialogue queues were scattered.

When the ride ended for us, while waiting to be brought back to the loading dock, Jack Jack laughed a horrifying laugh. It sounded as though Chernobogs servants had hopped on the ride. 

Incredicoaster Inversion
Credit: Disney

Other Disneyland Resort Guests agreed. From u/kunimosack:

I typically go once a month and was there yesterday, and I encountered everything you’re talking about, but it’s not usually like that, or at least it wasn’t last month. I’d say the rain had a lot to do with it, but I was able to get on twice and only on one ride the audio was glitching in the exact ways you said, other time was fine. I remember because my family kept joking about how ugly the laugh at the end was lol. So I guess it does depend on the row. Pre-show was frozen though. It was stuck on a news reporter but the audio kept playing fine.

Incredicoaster and Toy Story Midway Mania
Credit: Disney

Some said issues were likely weather-related and would be fixed when unprecedented rainstorms in Southern California let up. Still, u/1320FastBack recalled experiencing similar issues on a sunny day.

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“When we were there in November it was a sunny day and our train at launch had to delay. I think it was for spacing but the audio started counting down and then when it yelled Go nothing happened and then it counted down again 🤣,” they wrote.

More on The Incredicoaster

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California Screamin’ reopened as The Incredicoaster at Pixar Pier in 2018. From Disneyland Resort:

Join the Incredibles in a mad dash to catch Jack-Jack as he wreaks havoc throughout this high-speed chase!

The Supers Are Back

Baby Jack-Jack’s superpowers are causing chaos as he teleports from tunnel to tunnel, and The Incredibles sprint into action to save the day. Buckle up for an exhilarating ride around Pixar Pier!


Located in Pixar Pier’s Incredibles’ Park neighborhood, the Incredicoaster boasts enclosed tunnels, special effects, scenes and a musical score by Incredibles 2 composer Michael Giacchino for even more super-fied fun!
Have you noticed any maintenance issues on The Incredicoaster? 

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