Child Blacks Out on Disney Coaster as Shocked Family Member Films

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Two images of a little girl strapped into Incredicoaster. Her face is censored.

We all remember our first time on a rollercoaster. It’s hard to forget the feeling of that first drop, whether at Disneyland Resort or our local Six Flags!

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This week, one young Disney California Adventure Park Guest’s first rollercoaster ride shot her directly into 15 minutes of internet fame. The little girl’s cousin, @stephxni_e, shared a video of her first ride on The Incredicoaster, a wooden rollercoaster located in Pixar Pier:


Took my lil cousin to the Incredicoaster for the first time 😭 ps.she was begging to go on it #incredicoaster #adventurepark #firsttime #fyp #disneytiktok #DoritosTriangleTryout

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The video of her first Incredicoaster adventure received over 800,000 views and 200,000 likes. In it, the little girl’s excited face quickly turns to horror as the coaster speeds up.

Though the young Guest’s initial reaction to the Disney Park ride is all-too-familiar to anyone who’s ridden a rollercoaster with children, it quickly takes a turn for the worst as the little girl’s head bobs forward and she blacks out. “She decided to take a nap,” her cousin playfully wrote.

Credit: Disney

The adult Guest taps the little girl until she wakes up and proclaims that she loved the ride, in spite of it all. Thankfully, her cousin assured viewers that she is okay.

More on The Incredicoaster

Incredicoaster signs displaying the wait time for the ride.
Credit: Bailee A. Inside the Magic

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California Screamin’ reopened as The Incredicoaster at Pixar Pier in 2018. From Disneyland Resort:

Join the Incredibles in a mad dash to catch Jack-Jack as he wreaks havoc throughout this high-speed chase!

The Supers Are Back

Baby Jack-Jack’s superpowers are causing chaos as he teleports from tunnel to tunnel, and The Incredibles sprint into action to save the day. Buckle up for an exhilarating ride around Pixar Pier!


Located in Pixar Pier’s Incredibles’ Park neighborhood, the Incredicoaster boasts enclosed tunnels, special effects, scenes and a musical score by Incredibles 2 composer Michael Giacchino for even more super-fied fun!
Do you remember your first rollercoaster ride? 

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